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Marquita Pring Wants You to Wear Her Clothes

The SI Swimsuit model will let fans borrow items from her wardrobe.

There are many perks to being a model, but one of them has to be the incredible collection of clothes they get to wear. Whether from a runway show, photo shoot or simply a personal pick, the number of designer duds on hand is swoon-worthy. And now, one of those lucky models wants to share that luxe apparel with you.

Marquita Pring--who made her debut in the 2020 SI Swimsuit issue--is offering her closet of runway and photo shoot looks for fans to borrow through the fashion-sharing platform Wardrobe. Yes, anyone will be able to borrow directly from her closet.

The person-to-person fashion rental company is spurring a new kind of celebrity-fan access. Pring joins recent fashion closet launches of A-list celebs, including Grammy-award-winning singer/producer/songwriter Leon Bridges and Grammy-nominated country singer Mickey Guyton. Upcoming celeb closets on Wardrobe include those of Nina Dobrev, Antoni Porowski and Sophia Bush.

How does the app work exactly? Lenders, like Pring, upload pieces and set a rental price for clothes they aren’t wearing. Those items are then stored at local dry cleaners where borrowers can pick them up or have them shipped. The rental period ranges from four to 20 days after which you ship it back and choose your next items.

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The reason the app intrigued Pring was that it cuts down on the waste created by the production of clothing and allowed her to make money on pieces she wasn’t wearing. That money could then go towards saving up for investments, a property upstate, or other long-term goals. She hopes others do the same.

What's more, the platform is all about gender and size inclusivity, something close to Pring’s heart. Here the model shares why she decided to join the platform and talks about some of her favorite pieces.

What attracted you to offer up your clothes with Wardrobe?

“In the past few years, I have become much more aware of my shopping habits and the way so many of us have become unconscious consumers. My closet is filled with clothes that I love. I often donate to Goodwill, but there are still so many pieces that I’m not ready to part with just yet. So when I heard about the opportunity to team up with Wardrobe, it made perfect sense! I can rent my pieces that would normally just be hanging there and hopefully encourage and inspire others to rent instead of buy.”

What types of things will be available?

“I have some really great pieces! I’m starting off with shoes and dresses mostly. There’s a really cute DVF suit, Zac Posen skirt and some Giuseppe Zanotti heels.”

Is there a favorite piece in your closet?

“My absolute most favorite piece is this Alex Perry dress I wore to the Harper’s Icons party a few years ago. So many fun memories from that night.”

What’s your most favorite thing ever worn on a shoot?

“Oh man, that’s tough. There have been so many epic pieces! Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to walk a Laquan Smith runway show at the top of the Empire State Building—the first fashion show up there in the building’s 90-year history! I wore a slinky matching gray bodysuit and long skirt. I felt SO badass in it. After the show ended, we shot on the Top Deck with my favorite city lit up for miles in every direction. So, it’s not only an outfit but a night I’ll never forget."

What makes Wardrobe unique?

"Wardrobe feels really intimate to me. You can shop your friends’ closets and then hop over to your favorite influencer’s or celebrity’s pages, too. I also love the videos at the top of everyone’s closet—it personalizes the whole experience."