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Megan Roup's The Sculpt Society is the Best Workout Your Living Room has Ever Seen

Looking to switch up your workout? Give Megan Roup's The Sculpt Society a shot. You'll fall in love instantly.

Allow me to introduce you to the single greatest workout on the internet, The Sculpt Society. Founded by fitness trainer Megan Roup, TSS offers fun and effective workouts that combine sculpt and dance. With a cult celebrity following, TSS has proven to drive results while being the most enjoyable workout program on the market.

Not sold yet? Not a problem. Once you read through the four reasons we love Megan’s method you’ll be rolling out your yoga mat in no time.



1. Kate Bock Tested and Trusted.

Who better to ask for fitness recommendations than the workout queen herself? Kate describes Megan’s The Sculpt Socety as the, “perfect balance of cardio and sculpting.” She’s not the only one raving about it either, celebs and models such as Sofia Richie, Elsa Hosk, Morgan Stewart, Busy Philipps and more swear by Megan’s methods.

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2. Totally Convenient

Let’s face it, we may have a lot of down time right now, but eventually our lives will return to those hectic packed schedules. Megan’s got us covered. Download The Sculpt Society app and train when it works best for you. The app offers a 4 week program designed to, “lengthen and strengthen your body.” Scroll through the massive library filled with workouts ranging from 5-50 min targeting all different body parts. My favorite part? You can download them! When you’re traveling around the world, wifi isn't always easy to find, I pre-download a few workouts so I never have any trouble!

3. It’s actually FUN.

TSS is a combination of dance and sculpt resulting in a high energy and effective workout. Designed for the “nondancers” (thank god), so those of all skill sets will be able to handle it. I’m sure I'm not the only one out there totally intimidated by dance focused workouts - nobody likes to look silly- but, trust me, you will feel nothing but confident with Megan’s method. Before you know it you’ll be googling your local dance teams tryouts (kidding...unless?)

4. It’s affordable!

The app is only $20 a month, I repeat, $20 a month. For less than a week of iced coffees, you get unlimited access to a massive work out library, new weekly workouts, and classes whenever fits your schedule. Don’t want to lock yourself into a monthly payment? Give TSS a shot with a 7 day free trial, trust me you won’t turn back.