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Melissa Wood Health Shares Tips and Must-Haves in an Exclusive Interview

Fitness guru, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, talks with SI Swimsuit about her best health tips, cooking and fitness. BONUS: She created a 15 minute flow just for us!

I *virtually* sat down with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, creator and founder of the Melissa Wood Method, to hear her current tips and must-haves. Not a day goes by that I am not raving about this woman. I love her workouts - so much so that my two roommates and I actually squeeze our yoga mats next to each other in our tiny living room to get a flow in before work. Check out our Q&A below for all of the other reasons to love her.

SI: What are your top three tips to destress and decompress?

MW: 1. Pause and do 5 minute, or even 2 minute mindful meditation. Connect deeply to your breath - gently breathing in through your nose on a 5 second count, holding for 5 and slowly releasing all the air out your mouth for 5. Repeat for 5 rounds. This does wonders to help lessen anxiety.

2. Move your body. Even a 10-20 minute flow boosts your mood and helps you let go in a matter of seconds.

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3. Put down your phone and take a technology break. Whenever I’m anxious, I have to get away from my phone.

SI: Do you have a workout buddy?

MW: My members - I literally visualize the people I’m teaching while filming all of my flows. It’s also really nice to guide my friends or family when we’re together to do an in-person flow.

SI: How do you hope to make people feel with your workouts?

MW: I hope to make people feel incredibly grounded, gentler on their bodies and more peaceful in their minds.

SI: What are your tips for people stuck at the WFH desk all day?

MW: Take a 10-15 minute break and do a standing series using any stable surface. It makes such a massive impact on your mental space and workflow by moving your body even just a little bit. If it’s available to you, get outside for a walk.

SI: What do you do on the days you're feeling resistance towards movement or a workout?

MW: I usually put on a song that motivates me naturally to move and that instantly drives me to roll out my mat. I know nothing makes me feel better than adding movement to my day.

SI: How would you describe your MWH community?

MW: This is such a good question that no one’s ever asked me! My community is committed. They are so driven at bettering themselves and feeling their absolute best. They’re loving, loyal and the kindest humans. I receive the most beautiful messages and transformation stories about how my workouts and meditations have made such a massive impact in their lives. Their feedback will forever fuel me to continue on this path.

SI: Best meal you've cooked this week?

MW: Hands down my vegan pasta alla “vodka sauce” and my simple salad with dressing. These are both super quick and easy to make. 

*Click here to try it!*

SI: Favorite snack and guilty pleasure?

MW: My cucumber tomato salad is one of my go-to snacks…I know, I know but I think sometimes people forget a simple salad can be a great snack option. Although, I am a die-hard for Bjorn Corn, Mustache Munchies and Vegan Rob's Turmeric Crisps (aka vegan Pringles).

SI: Go-to Instagrams for food inspiration?

MW: Bonberi, Loni Jane, Dr. Mona Vand

SI: Favorite athleticwear brands?

MW: Year of Ours, Varley, Nylora, and Michi.

SI: Favorite swim brands?

MW: Triangl, Summersalt, Inamorata, Monday Swimwear, Shop WeWoreWhat.

SI: How do you feel in your favorite bikini?

MW:I feel confident, fit and sexy.

SI: Favorite SI Swim cover?

MW: I’ve been buying SI since I was in high school. My planner when I first moved to NY was an SI cover calendar so even just doing this interview is really exciting for me.

My favorite cover is Brooklyn Decker. I just loved her cover and her. She’s such a kind soul and ummm Pretty Hot.

You can find out more about Melissa and the MWH Method on her website