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Motherhood Lessons from SI Swimsuit Models

These models know being a mom is the toughest job they’ll ever book.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models are known for being more than just their looks. Many are business owners, philanthropists, activists. And several also take on the most demanding job of all: motherhood. We chatted with some of these beautifully strong women to find out some of the best motherhood advice they've been given (and what they'd like to pass on to new moms). Here's what some of our favorite model moms had to say.

Katrina Scott Says Not to Clean the House

"The other morning, my mother-in-law Pam told me something so beautiful,” said Scott, mother to 2-year-old Isabelle. “I called her because I've been stressed about work and the house being a mess, and she said through some tears, 'You know, I think I cleaned the house too much when the kids were growing up.' We both cried because the mess doesn't matter. The beautiful moments in the mess are what we'll remember. We can feel super overwhelmed with work and to-do lists, but we'll blink, and none of that will matter. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but it's the most important and most fulfilling."

Hunter McGrady Says to Ask for Help

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"The best advice I've ever gotten is that as much as it is a wild ride to be a mother, as much as some days you feel like breaking down, as much as you sometimes feel like you can't do it all, it is the most rewarding job in the world and it goes by QUICK,” says McGrady, who is expecting her first child. “I've been told there is nothing quite like it; it doesn't even compare to anything you've ever done before. Also, I have been told continually to take help when it is offered, don't feel like you have to carry everything on your shoulders."

Kathy Jacobs Says Not to Discount Your Child's Feelings

"I think it's important not to discount your child's feelings,” says Jacobs, whose daughter Abigail is now in med school. “For example, the doctor told me my child was 'playing me,' and nothing was wrong with her. I chose to believe her, and it turned out she was lactose intolerant and got sick every time she ate dairy. Also, have your kids in some kind of activity. It can be anything from band to math clubs and cheerleading. As long as they are involved in something, this will help keep them out of trouble!"

Lais Ribeiro Says to Be Present

"My son has gotten closer to becoming a teenager and this past year has been so challenging and such a blessing because I have been able to spend so much time with him when I would normally be traveling for work,” says Ribeiro, whose son Alexandre turns 13 this month. “We traveled together, took road trips, and explored as a family. So, my best advice is to try and forget about the constant worry that lives in your mind and take a moment to really cherish your child while they're young because these years are going by so fast, and you'll never have them again."