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At SI Swim we are ushering in a paradigm shift and inviting you to participate. No more thinking of our bodies as separate from the whole of ourselves. Fitness is indisputably part of a strong and healthy self-image and a beautiful body; but the message for women has often focused on movement to burn something away rather than build it up. With this reductive approach we’re continually trying to shed a portion of ourselves. No more of the less-is-more approach! SI Swim Lifestyle is here to support you in creating, building and developing your body through movement that reflects the whole you.

Get Mindful With Your Body

We begin by asking you to start an intimate and honest conversation with your body and your fitness goals. Bringing mindful inquiry to your movement puts you in the driver’s seat of your own body. This conversation with yourself is freedom from a prescribed outcome to one that is more expressive, creative and uniquely you—less a struggle of mind over matter. Workouts, fitness, movement and active sports are all opportunities to fully develop not only your body but your entire identity. Your workout is another way of expressing your style, your beauty and your personality, not just what you can do to make her fit a certain shape. And it starts with getting to know your body through your mind by asking questions about how your fitness really fits you.

What Is Your Intention?

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To begin, get clear on your intentions. Intentions are powerful, lending greater meaning to our actions as well as helping us define our goals. This is the first step in developing a deeper relationship with your body. If running is your jam and frees you from overthinking, giving your body a sense of freedom AND keeping you meeting your fitness goals, great! But if your time on the treadmill is spent ticking off the minutes, you aren’t cultivating a healthy relationship with your body—even if you are keeping relatively fit. A positive mind and body connection honors the whole you. We know that every workout won’t have you in total harmony, but setting intentions has you look more expansively at your fitness for something that really jives with what your body enjoys doing. How does a workout activity fill your cup in other ways beyond shape? What are you seeking when you move your body? Is it flexibility, calm, play, muscular development, the “high” of cardio? And what is your workout saying about your style? Do you seek adventure or like to play it safe? The key here is the deep inquiry and responding to it. Don’t just fit in with fitness but make it YOUR OWN!

Keep Moving With Meaning

Setting intentions gets you started, but it is in the long haul when we often find ourselves stumbling. What works for the next few months is likely to require reexamination. Remember that your body is on a journey. A deeper, more meaningful relationship with her requires consistent commitment to check in. Like any relationship it is an ongoing conversation, requiring flexibility of mind, not just body. Fitness goals change, just as everything else in life changes. Honest reflection doesn’t happen once. It remains a dialogue with your body. Think about keeping a fitness journal. Not just to log the miles or the reps, but to discern the emotions surrounding movements. To make more empowered choices, we encourage you to build more than a workout and create a lifestyle by engaging in things that have you energized, feeling healthy, strong, sexy. Different workouts and different activities each have a unique impact. They sculpt and shape our bodies differently. There is no doubt that weightlifting and cycling are going to have different results for your body, but also for how you feel while doing them. It’s knowing what your goals are and continuing to develop your movement to be in alignment with them.

Setting the Standard for Fitness and Beauty

Historically, the beauty industry has been limited in who has been allowed “in,” but our SI Swim community has always made and continues to make groundbreaking changes redefining the industry. We believe that if your body is one built around movement and supports your goals, has you feeling fit and infuses your days with energy and vitality, then you are living the SI Swim Life. You are setting your own standard for your fitness and the beautiful you. But, perhaps more importantly, the impact of moving with meaning doesn’t stop with yourself. That’s where our community is paving the way. Embracing your body with confidence begins a conversation around beauty and bodies that has the entire world looking and responding. It starts to shape how we collectively relate to fitness. It starts a movement toward a healthier relationship with feeling fit.

SI Swimsuit has grown and evolved along with our community. We’ve seen fitness turn from focus on weight loss and calorie burn to full body transformation, strength and flexibility, even as a form of medicine. Fads may come and go, but fitness for us will always be a reflection of your unique self. Come on board and get your best body and mind yet.

Written by Lori Ball and Emma Bernstein