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Must-Have Travel Essentials You Need Before Your Next Flight

Have these products at your fingertips for a turbulence-free trip.

Endless lines, delayed flights and screaming TSA agents can leave us dreading fly-out days at any airport. To keep morale high, check out the below list of items that will help you stay calm, cool and collected.


Keep it together

Ever since I left my boarding pass in a Sudoku booklet at a Hudson News at 10 years old, I’ve been searching for the perfect carry-it-all passport holder. To not have to relive that anxiety, I’ve invested in a Wills Leather Goods pocket secretary. It's big enough to carry your passport, boarding pass and any other cards or cash you may have, plus there’s no way you’ll lose it in your bag. I got it in black and took advantage of their complimentary embossing.

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Drown out the noise

Has anyone else seen the Apple AirPods Max headphones all over their TikTok pages? I fell into the trap and purchased a pair of my own. These “Hot Girl Headphones” (as TikTok calls them) come in five different colors, and are sleek and completely noise canceling. Since when did over-the-head headphones become cute? I missed both the snack cart and the prepare for landing announcement when wearing these.

Did you forget something?

I’m going to sound like a total helicopter parent when I say this, but did you put on your sunscreen this morning? Travel days aren't the time to skip on application because plane windows have high UVA transmission rates. The Summer Fridays Mineral Milk Sunscreen has 30 SPF and is the thinnest, barely-there sunscreen I’ve ever tried. It blends seamlessly into my skin without a white cast and absorbs almost instantly. This 1.7fl ounce bottle won’t get taken away by security either.

Chill out

If you’re needing to get your eight hours in while 10,000 feet in the air, check out this Moon Juice Magnesi-Om Supplement. This supplement is full of natural calming properties including three types of magnesium, to help promote relaxation, sleep and brain health. The best part? You just have to stir a teaspoon of the powder into water to take full advantage of this natural chill.

Plug in

I was tapped three times on my last flight with the age-old question, “Do you mind getting up so I can go to the bathroom?” I had to plug and unplug a million times so my middle seat friend could scoot by. Now, whether I want a cordless charge or am stranded waiting for my delayed flight to board, I plug into this Mophie Powerstation. It's small, affordable, reliable and has two quick charging ports.