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For the month of April, SI Swimsuit is partnering with My Girl Wellness to celebrate everything that makes us women from inspiring female leaders to experts. Together we'll talk about healthy eating habits, effective workout routines, hormone and cycle support, prioritizing gut and mental health and so much more. Before we jump into the fun, let's get to know My Girl.

Meet My Girl

We saw some things missing from the wellness world like a fun space, a place with zero judgment, and a conversation that we would ACTUALLY have with a girlfriend. Health and wellness hacks, hormone support, orgasms, bloating, personal growth, career goals...all the stuff that we want to learn about, that we want to talk about, just waiting to be explored and shared. That’s where My Girl comes in.

My Girl is for women, by women, in support of women. She’s your BFF always ready to boost you up, your community holding your hand through the tough conversations, and your haven to always feel at ease to come as you are. My Girl is a space of mentorship, education and community; a tool to help build your confidence, well-being and success. We want to see you win because when you succeed, we all succeed.

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You’ll have access to our network of experts supporting this community to make sure we feel our best in order to do our best in this wild, unpredictable world. We’re here to scream away that feeling of “taboo” surrounding uncomfortable topics; if you don’t want to say it, we’ll be your voice to discuss anything from sex to periods to pooping. Together, we will tackle our struggles, spill our secrets and reject unfair stigmas.

My Girl aims to share everything we wish we knew earlier to create a safer, less intimidating tomorrow. Why learn the hard way if you don’t have to? We are your girl group, your safe place, your refuge for support and love and fun. Together we are stronger, more powerful and able to create a healthier, impactful, more inclusive world. We are holistic wellness and so far beyond, and we are so excited you found us.


Tayla Burke

Founder of My Girl Wellness

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