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Nate Berkus Reveals His Top Holiday Decorating Tips

Decking the halls doesn't have to be stressful
Photo courtesy of Nate Berkus

Photo courtesy of Nate Berkus

Who doesn’t love all the holiday decorations and lights that adorn houses this time of year? Well, if you’re the one in charge of handling the decor scheme, it can be a little stressful. You have to get out all the boxes from the basement, unpack everything, and seemingly overhaul your house’s interior and exterior design. But it doesn’t have to be trying. Interior designer and HGTV personality Nate Berkus is all about ensuring there is joy in holiday decorating. That’s why he has partnered with Duracell this season to share his top tips, including how to #HolidaySafely by using the brand’s lithium coin batteries, which have a special non-toxic bitter coating to discourage swallowing by children. We spoke with Berkus to learn a few ways to easily decorate this holiday season that aren’t too expensive or time-consuming but can still wow. Here’s what he had to say.

Be Sentimental

“I love to incorporate things that have meaning or that tell a story,” says Berkus. “If there's ever a time to bring out that vintage item from your grandmother—like a pair of brass candlesticks—or repurpose a treasured family heirloom, it’s during the holidays.”

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Stick With Neutral Colors

“Work with a neutral and natural color scheme, and bring in animal ornaments for something different,” he adds. “Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to go to town with red tinsel.”

Fill Bowls With Ornaments

“A totally easy festive hack: fill a bunch of silver or pottery bowls with metallic ornaments,” he says. “I usually reach for either silver or gold. I like festivity, but not a lot of color.”

Use Nature

“Bring in elements from nature, like evergreen branches and garlands,” he adds. “Mix in with sparkly LED lights to make it feel extra special.”