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Brooks Nader Is Hungry for You to Help City Harvest

Learn how to support National Hunger Action Month.

September is National Hunger Awareness Month and in support of the effort to raise awareness and take action against food insecurity, SI Swimsuit model Brooks Nader wants to make sure you lend a hand. Nader works as an ambassador for City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization. The non-profit helps to feed 1.5 million residents, rescuing more than 144 million pounds of food a year from being discarded without reason. City Harvest also offers cooking classes and nutrition services to those in need.

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“I’m a huge foodie and was working with another food organization doing meal prep for Thanksgiving when I first heard about City Harvest,” says Nader, who makes appearances at fundraisers and other events on behalf of the group. (Kyrie Irving, Chrissy Teigen, Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford, among other celebrities and influencers, also lend their voices to this cause.) “The purpose of City Harvest is for no New Yorker to go hungry. I’ve been on the delivery trucks - it’s all perfectly good, healthy nutritious food that would literally be thrown into the garbage.”


On Sept. 1, City Harvest rescued its billionth pound of food for New Yorkers in need since its founding in 1982, and delivered it to Hour Children in Long Island City, Queens. Despite the United States being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there are still millions of Americans struggling to put food on the table. This problem got even worse in the past year as almost 7 million more people have been subjected to hunger in comparison to prior to the pandemic. Given those numbers, taking part in recognizing Hunger Action Month is now more important than ever. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, visit We encourage you to join Nader in the fight against hunger.