NYFW BLK Is Creating Its Own Space in the Fashion Industry

The organization is sponsoring events with diversity and inclusivity at the core.

Amid the craze of New York Fashion Week lies a series of events organized specifically to celebrate and uplift Black fashion designers: NYFW BLK. Nichole Bess founded NYFW BLK with the idea in mind of creating a space within Fashion Week that would include music and clothing led and unmistakably influenced by the Black community. The Aart NYC fashion show in the Flatiron District on Sept. 10 provided proof of this concept, showing the initiative to be both welcoming and empowering.

The Aart NYC runway show for NYFW BLK.

The Aart NYC runway show for NYFW BLK.

Dopamine dressing to the extreme was the feeling evoked while watching the show, in the best possible way, of course. With a mix of hues like pastel pink, blue, green and practically every color under the rainbow, there was a visible sense of joy in the room. And as if the vibrant color palette in the clothes themselves wasn’t enough to crack a smile upon onlookers’ faces, the models strutting up and down the catwalks with balloons over their heads surely got the job done. The collection itself was a mixture of floor-length dresses, tulle fluffy skirts and two-piece sets with contrasting prints, all of which were enough to channel my inner child with its playful display.

It wouldn’t be a true celebration of all things Black within the fashion industry without also showcasing diversity on the runway, which was very present at the Aart show.

In the fashion industry as a whole, making your mark is anything but easy. NYFW BLK has created a go-to place for big brands and companies to connect with the Black community and highlight talented Black designers. It is aiming to even out a playing field. Catch Aart NYC, Season 3 of NYFW BLK.

Daisy Maldonado


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