In the Kitchen With SI Swimsuit: Olivia Culpo’s Honey Butter Cake

Spice up your life and cooking repertoire with one of our models favorite recipes.

This quarantine has brought out the Julia Child in all of us. From peanut butter cookies to sourdough bread, from soup to caramelized shallot pasta, everyone seems to be cooking and baking all day. For many in New York City, this means cleaning out kitchen storage spaces (aka the oven) to make way for the newest breakfast casserole or that banana bread that seems to be on everybody's Instagram story. Many SI Swimsuit models love to bake and we’ve been getting some amazing inspiration from their creations in this recurring column.

This week in the kitchen we had some incredible recipes lined up and then 2020 cover model Olivia Culpo posted this on her Instagram and the world came to a stop. What is a better combo than honey, vanilla, butter, sugar, cream cheese, and butterscotch? That’s right, nothing. We replayed her story multiple times so we could get the recipe just right and share this masterpiece with you. Make this for your friends, your family, or just for yourself and yourself only because why shouldn’t you eat a whole cake? We’re adults now and our parents can’t tell us no.

Olivia Culpo’s Honey Butter Cake: As mentioned before, this recipe made an appearance on Olivia’s feed this past Wednesday. It’s definitely not good for you, but it definitely tastes good. The instructions call for lots of butter, sugar and heavy cream, so stock up and get baking. The recipe is from a blog so aptly titled “The Cake Blog” so you know it's bound to be the cake of your dreams. I think we have all found our weekend plans!

Photo courtesy of Carrie Sellman for The Cake Blog

Photo courtesy of Carrie Sellman for The Cake Blog

Alyssa Conroy