Olivia Culpo and Barbara Sturm Spill Skincare Secrets

SI Swim 2020 cover model chats with the skincare expert on how she maintains great skin.

2020 SI Swim cover model Olivia Culpo joined skincare expert Dr. Barbara Sturm for “Skin School,” a candid discussion of their skincare do’s and don'ts. Sturm’s objective with the Skin School series is to provide free educational information to young adults struggling with their skin. In the series Sturm calls upon models and celebrities, including Culpo, Hailey Bieber and Emma Roberts, to discuss their personal skin journeys, recommendations and insider tips.

You wouldn’t know it from her current glow, but Culpo’s skin has its ups and downs, too. She shares that she has recently experienced acne from wearing masks and that it took some time to find what worked for her. Culpo’s skincare philosophy starts with a healthy and well-balanced diet. She also relies on a simple skincare routine, with quality products, opposed to one that is aggressive and overly complicated.

Sturm and Culpo also discuss the effect of too much screen time. “We all understand sunscreen,” says Sturm. She notes that the radiation from cell phones and other devices goes overlooked, but can also wreak havoc on the skin. As much of Culpo’s day-to-day work revolves around being on her phone, she relies on products like  Sturm's Anti-Pollution Drops to protect her skin.

Check out the full conversation between Culpo and Sturm here:

Margot Zamet


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