Petit St. Vincent


Where did we go?

Petit St. Vincent, a 115-acre private island in the Caribbean. It is the southernmost island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Why did we go?

Well, when you are photographing models who are wearing nothing but paint, you want a bit of privacy. And that's what a remote, off-the-grid place like Petit St. Vincent offers. Combined with lush hills and gorgeous beaches, it was the perfect setting for body painting.

What did we do?

When we weren't driving our Mini Mokes around PSV or snorkelling, we were taking small boats out to sand spits where we sat under tiki umbrellas.

Where did we stay?

The island has 22 freestanding cottages, half of which are elevated on hills. The island is purposely disconnected from the outside world. There are no televisions--and no hassles.


What did we eat?

If you want to look your dinner in the eye before you eat it, then you'll love picking your own lobster out of a tank. We also chowed down on conch fritters and lamb burgers, and enjoyed luxuriously buttered croissants with fruit jams for breakfast.

What did we bring home?

Nothing material (it's a private island, after all). Just an appreciation for the value of being able to tune out and recharge every once in a while.

SI Staff