Replicate Irina Shayk’s Glamorous Evening Look With a Strand of These Diamonds

The model has undeniably good fashion. Take inspiration from it and secure a diamond bracelet or two.
Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk.

We’re not going to assert that acquiring a fashion sense—or a closet, for that matter—like model Irina Shayk’s would be easy. That’s likely far from true. She has great style, there’s no denying it, and her clothes are thus appropriately statement-making. 

Her latest outfit for a night out was no exception. The 38-year-old showed up to a jewelry and watches convention in Qatar in a head-turning fitted black one-shoulder gown. It was certainly fabulous, but it wasn’t the focus of our attention, however. We were too busy staring at the stack of shining diamond bracelets on Shayk’s wrist. She wore the glittering strands over the top of a just barely sheer black glove, making them appear even more vibrant. She paired them with an oversized diamond ring, which was equally incredible.

Since she was attending a jewelry convention, it’s no surprise that the model would show up dripping in her best gems. While we can’t speak to where she acquired the glittering jewelry, we can offer an alternative that will get you just that much closer to replicating Shayk’s style.

The following diamond tennis bracelet will—just like Shayk’s gems—turn heads. But not simply because it’s beautiful. It’s also lab grown and, therefore, ethically produced.

Peace Jewelers 14K Gold Choice of Carat Weight Cultured Diamond Tennis Bracelet, $3,099 to $9,999 (

This Peace Jewelers bracelet comes in various carat weights and two different metals, including white gold and yellow gold. If you’re going for a look like Shayk’s (we don’t blame you), then we would recommend the white gold—and securing a few so that you can stack them.

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Martha Zaytoun


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