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Are Scalp Treatments the Next Big Trend?

Don’t neglect this very important step to great hair.

You may have a cabinet filled with split-end products and leave-in conditioners that promise to rectify your fraying hair only to find they often leave hair flat and mask the problem rather than fix it. Scalp treatments, on the other hand, fix hair from the root. The root cause, if you will.

As of late, scalp treatments seem to be garnering a lot of excitement, and credit. Act + Are, a cult-favorite clean haircare line, was made famous for their Scalp Detox. Dr. Barbara Sturm, who is known for her top-tier skincare, recently launched a scalp treatment. It seems as though the beauty industry is realizing the scalp is a landscape of missed real estate that needs tending.

Should you give it a try? We vote yes. Whether you suffer from brittle hair, a flaky scalp or just want better locks, it’s worth the try. We called upon Act + Acre's Founder, Helen Reavey to give us the lowdown on the popular new treatment.

SI: What exactly is a scalp treatment?

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Act + Acre: A scalp treatment is designed to remove buildup of product, oil, dirt and sweat that accumulate on the scalp and deliver nutrients directly to the hair follicles.

SI: Why do we need this treatment?

Act + Acre: Over time, excess buildup can clog hair follicles and prevent beneficial nutrients from reaching the scalp. You can also think of the scalp as an extension of your face. In fact, the scalp ages more than six times faster than the face, and therefore deserves as much care (if not more) than the face. Regularly detoxing the scalp maintains the overall health of the hair to keep it growing stronger, shinier and thicker.

SI: How often should we be doing this?

Act + Acre: We recommend using the Scalp Detox one to two times per week for 20 minutes. It usually takes a few weeks of consistent use before you see significant results, but the wait is worth it.

SI: Is it difficult to get the treatment out in one wash or will it weigh hair down?

Act + Acre: Not at all! However, proper application and cleansing are critical to maximizing results. The treatment should be applied directly onto the scalp (as opposed to bringing it down into the hair), and a small amount goes a long way with an oil-based treatment like our Scalp Detox. The bottle is designed to release the perfect amount of oil on its own (no squeezing necessary), which spreads very easily. Once you start massaging it in with your fingers, it should adequately cover your entire scalp. When cleansing, it’s also important to focus on the scalp and massage one section at a time, starting at the nape of your neck, then to the sides, and finally to the top of the head.