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SI SWIM FIT: Equinox+

If you enjoy at-home workouts, then you need to add Equniox+ to your rotation. Luckily for you, Daigi-Ann Thompson, one of the Group Fitness Instructors on Equinox+, is giving us an exclusive first look at what you can expect on the app. Give it a try and tag us in your sweaty selfies using #SISwimFitSWEAT for a chance to be featured! Trust us, by the end of this workout, you'll be heading to the app store in no time.  

While we had Thompson, we couldn't pass up the chance to ask her some burning fitness questions. She shared some of her at-home workout tips and exclusive insight to the Equinox+ App in the interview below.

SI: Tell us how you got your start in the world of fitness?

DT: I grew up playing sports as a kid and continued to do so during college so fitness wasn’t exactly new to me, but it wasn’t until I started working at the front desk at Equinox that it really clicked. Working at the front desk started as something I wanted to do on the side while I continued to teach my own dance classes and auditions – I was looking for an environment that was conducive to the healthy changes I was trying to make in my lifestyle. However, because I was spending so much time at the Equinox club on a daily basis, I started learning so many new things and ended up falling in love with fitness in a brand new way.

How do you measure the success of Equinox+ members' progress or your classes?

I measure the success of my classes on Equinox+ by how well I deliver and execute the experience. I also consider science to be very important as well as coaching and incurring proper form. But I try to bring more than just those components to my classes. I want people to feel like they’re working out with their best friend who wants the best for them. So I do my best to make my classes fun and put as much of my personality in them as possible. I’m also fun and motivational, lighthearted and encouraging. I am going to make you feel like you can do anything–and if it feels like that for Equinox+ members taking my class, then the class is a success.

Working out at home can be daunting–what is one way you suggest people stay focused and motivated to work out even during quarantine?

One way that I try to stay motivated with at-home workouts is by creating playlists for every workout vibe or mood I may be in. Music is so important to me in a class. If I have songs or mixes that match the energy I need at every interval, I’m not only going to get through the workout, but I’m also going to turn up while doing it, maybe even adding a little sass or flare–whatever the music calls for. It really makes all the difference when you turn your at-home workout into the fourth or fifth stop on your own world tour.

What is the best fitness tip you’ve ever received?

The best fitness tip I’ve ever received is to work from where your body is TODAY. Our bodies take us through so much and hold onto so much, including trauma. And you never know what someone may be carrying, so it’s important to be mindful. Some days it’s an excellent sweaty release, and other days, it’s best not to push, and instead focus on restoration and recovery.

What about the worst?

The worst fitness tip—this isn’t necessarily a tip, but more of a practice—is whenever anyone thinks it’s okay to shame themselves or others for seemingly not giving their best, just because it didn’t meet some outrageous standard or expectation. Not every workout is going to meet Olympic-level precision, endurance or strength. Turn up on the workout, not on yourself or your workout buddy!

What's your go-to routine before and after a good workout?

My go-to routine after a workout on Equinox+ is really a celebratory dance, followed by a really deep stretch. It’s all about gratitude…and FOOD! I have to make time to thank my body for how it continues to show up for me. Fueling it is very on-brand for me and I work up a huge appetite after every workout.

What are some suggested equipment viewers should consider adding to their at-home gym?

I think the best equipment for any workout are resistance bands. I’m obsessed with mini bands and swear by them. I try to sneak them in every class because the possibilities are truly endless. You can amp up any workout by adding a little resistance, a fire beat to keep tempo to, and the focus on getting in as many clean reps as possible. Is it leg day and you’re hitting the Stairmaster? Add bands to your ankles, take the stairs two at a time, and add a kickback after every step. Thank me later.

Where can viewers find more from you and Equinox+?

You can find and take a class with me on the Equinox+ app. Look for my Band Burn, Ab Lab and Cardio Sculpt classes for dynamic and energy pumping workouts that’ll make you feel so empowered and fierce afterward. You can also connect with me more via my Instagram page: @theperfect_dai