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Repeat this series for 3-4 minutes.

Start with feet on the floor and hands behind the head, shoulder blades are lifted off the mat. Stretch one leg out flexing the foot and hovering it just off the floor, lift it up in the air and lower back down. Then, crunch the knee to the chest and twist the the opposite elbow to the knee two times before putting the foot back down on the ground. Repeat the leg lift on the other side along with the twisted crunches.

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Repeat for 3-4 minutes and then repeat it on the other side!

Starting in quadruped with a flat back, abs pulled in, take one leg and stretch it to the sky, pointing the toes. Make sure that there is a slight bend in the elbows and that the arms aren't locked out completely. Pulse the leg up three times, squeezing under the butt cheek, and then step that leg back as if you were getting ready to hold a plank. Once your foot is planted, pull the opposite knee to your chest as you take a big exhale. Lower the leg and sweep the opposite leg to the side making a 90-degree angle and keeping the leg lifted.


Repeat for 3-4 minutes and then repeat on the other side!
Equipment: sliders (if you don’t have sliders you can use a towel or piece of paper)

Standing up tall with the slider under one foot, slowly lunge the slider leg backward. Holding the lunge position and keeping the knee directly over the ankle, pull the slider leg in and press back out to a lunge three times, staying low. Then, pull the knee in, stand up tall while squeezing your butt. Lower your back down and press back up to stand one more time. Move back into the lunge position. From there, drop hands down into a plank position and cross the standing leg over the slider leg, twisting the body up away from the planted leg. Squeeze ribs to hips to lift into a small pike, center the body back out, and then stand up.


Repeat this series for 3-4 minutes.

Starting in a forearm plank with shoulders over elbows and hips in line with shoulders, open one leg up and out 90 degrees to the side, keeping both hips facing the ground, and then bring the legs back together. Rock back 2-3 inches squeezing your butt – do not arch the back. Repeat on the other side. From there, while holding a plank, dip your hips from left to right. Lastly, pull the knees in and stack the spine. Squeeze your butt for a second at the top, and then come right back into the forearm plank and repeat.