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PSA: We may have found the most fun workout on the market and you need to try it. Allow us to introduce you to, SaltDrop. Founder Dino Malvone describes SaltDrop as "a sweaty, beat-driven workout designed to explore the joy embedded in movement." In simple terms, you're getting an ultra sweat-inducing cardio burn while moving to the beat and guaranteed you're doing it with a smile. Who knew sweating could be so fun? 

The best part about SaltDrop? You can do it anywhere, anytime and on any device! Membership will run you $65 monthly with unlimited access to every session. Miss that feeling of following along live? Not to worry, they have a massive schedule of live classes to stream.

We sat down with Malvone to get to know SaltDrop more and pick his brain on how to stay fit while stuck at home.  

Bonus! Malvone gave us an exclusive look at what you can expect with SaltDrop! Give it a try and tag us in your sweaty selfies using #SISwimFitSWEAT for a chance to be featured!

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SI: Tell us how you got your start in the world of fitness!

DM: I got my start in fitness as an instructor for barre3 in the West Village here in New York City. For six years I managed the most successful studio in the franchise, taught classes weekly, and found my passion for movement. Barre3 took a chance with me and gave me an opportunity to learn and grow.

What is SaltDrop and what kind of workout can viewers expect?

Simply put, SaltDrop is sweaty, beat-driven workout – hence Salt (sweat) Drop (beats)! The experience is influenced by my time teaching barre, my love for pilates, yoga, and MUSIC. You get the sculpting and toning you love, and at the end, we get on our feet and shake our asses.

SaltDrop is without color, without gender and without judgment. You get no bullshit. We’re body positive, not just in our messaging, but in our actions. This workout is authentically for everyone. To me, it isn’t about inviting in only those who looked like me, but rather, it gives everyone a space to see themselves and to extract that joy embedded in movement.

This workout is hard, but accessible to all. We modify because we think it’s cool to acknowledge our intuition when it comes to how we move our bodies.

How do you measure success of your clients or classes?

My brother is physically disabled, so my answer to this is going to be a bit different than you’d expect. The measure of success at SaltDrop is this: did you have fun shakin’ your ass? If so, take a second to be grateful for the opportunity to move and groove. That’s success in my book. It’s not provocative – it’s just real.

Working out at home can be daunting, what is one way you suggest people stay focused and motivated to work out even during lockdown?

Find community and engage with it. You know, literally everything is virtual these days. We are all craving connection, human interaction, a warm glance, a friendly hello. We want to be heard. We want to see and be seen. And if you’re hoping to show up for your workout regularly, you’re going to have to find and build that community connection. Zoom a workout with your friends. Engage with your instructor when they’re teaching online. Participate in events that are hosted by your community. This personal connection makes the work, and the workout, something to look forward to.

What is the best fitness tip you’ve ever received?

Slow. Down. Our bodies are magnificent machines – the most magnificent machine you’ll ever own regardless of wealth, power or position. Yet, we toss our bodies around in the name of fitness, and some movement and modalities are potentially harmful. We want to show up every day, so slow it down… focus on your form, and make it feel good in your body

What about the worst?

Keep pushing through! I’ll explain because this isn’t always bad advice, but let’s be clear… there are moments in a workout when you can absolutely keep pushing. You have 10% more to give and that dope! But, there are times when you need to take a break, rest and modify. I’ve taken classes where I’ve felt shamed for needing to take a break, and that’s not my vibe at all. Miss me with that bullshit, as the kids say.

What can viewers expect from a SaltDrop virtual class?

Real workouts with no BS. You can expect a class that’s bold, raw and generous. Each of the instructors brings a deep sensibility about the body. Each of the instructors is wildly diverse, all with different flavors, and all bring to the table heart. And, most importantly, if you’ve ever felt like you didn’t look like everyone else, or fully belong to an experience, I invite you to give SaltDrop a try.

Whats your go-to routine for before and after a good workout?

I’m a creature of habit. My go-to beforehand is to create my space. We work out at home most of the time now, and I want the lighting right, the smell right, and the vibe right. So I’ll dim my lights, light some candles, put on some tunes that I’m loving, maybe burn a little Palo Santo, and get my own party started. Afterward – I’m not going to lie – I lay on my yoga mat for a while, gathering myself while I recover. This is probably my favorite part of working out at home. I’ve even fallen asleep on my mat!

What is some suggested equipment viewers should consider adding to their at-home gym?

We keep it super simple: your beautiful body, a yoga mat, light hand-held weights, a resistance band, and sometimes a slider. Obviously, you can modify everything without the use of equipment.

Where can viewers find more from you and SaltDrop?

Find us at @thesaltdrop and catch me @dinomalvone on Insta. We do tons of free workouts there. And check us out online at and your first week is on me!