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SI SWIM FIT: [solidcore]

Get your sweat on with [solidcore].

Searching for a full-body workout you can do anywhere anytime? Look no further and meet your new favorite fitness class, [solidcore]. We caught up with  Senior Manager of Talent and Product Development Triana Brown to hear all about [solidcore] and get the answers to questions every first-timer may have.

Bonus: Triana is giving the SI Swimsuit community an exclusive look at a [solidcore] class with Senior Master Coach James Barnett. Give it a try above and DM us on Instagram to let us know what you think! 

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SI: What sets [solidcore] apart from a typical Pilates class or ab focused workout?

TB: We designed our workout to account for all athletic abilities and all body types — in [solidcore], there is no way to peak or max out.  Our clients continue to improve and get stronger.  While the workout is individualized to each athlete, the team-based community keeps clients motivated. 

What is [solidcore] doing to keep guests safe during COVID-19? Can they workout in the studio and/or virtually?

[solidcore] is taking extra care to keep clients safe. While we offer virtual workouts, our studio safety precautions include enhanced cleanings, social distancing, mandatory mask mandates for coaches, mask requirements for clients (depending on the state), and increased time between classes to eliminate crowds. A full list of precautions can be found at

Can we expect the same challenging workout at-home? What do viewers need in terms of equipment for an at-home [solidcore] class?

Our at-home workout will still make you [shake]. While we suggest sliders and light weights, our workout can also be done with small towels, canned foods or bottles of wine — anyone can make this work from home! 

Working out with a bottle of wine? Sign us up!

What are the different class options offered with [solidcore]? 

The majority of our classes are full body which means center core, obliques, upper and lower body.  Each class will have an upper body focus and a lower-body focus, but the core is always included.  In addition to traditional full body, we offer arms + abs, buns + abs as well as buns + guns classes (particularly popular with expecting moms!)

How many days a week do you recommend a [solidcore] class?

We recommend two to four days a week to see immediate change.

Staying motivated is a big challenge for most people. What are some tips to getting yourself to class on days you just aren't feeling it?

I remind myself that this is my time, 50 minutes to myself in a dark room with no phone and no clock — and when I take a virtual class, I make sure to put my phone out of arm's reach. Because I want to get the most out of the workout, I am concentrating on what I am doing, which allows me to block out all the noise and use the time for myself. When it's done I always feel amazing. It keeps me coming back. 

Trying a new gym or fitness class can be scary for those who have no idea what to expect. What is some advice you'd give to first-time [solidcore] guests? 

Get there a little early to introduce yourself to your coach and ask any questions you might have.  Come with a friend if you can and have fun. The first class is wild. Remember that everyone there also had a first time and they're there to cheer you on.

Where can viewers go for more information on joining [solidcore]? 

You can find us at or on Instagram and Twitter @solidcore