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We’ve never been on a trip to the Bahamas that we didn’t absolutely love, and our time in Nassau this year was no exception! The Cove at Atlantis was the perfect location for our stunning photoshoots with our six Model Search finalists. Something tells us Raine Michaels, Erin Willerton, Jessica Aidi, Manuela Hernandez, Veronica Pomee and Brooks Nader will never forget it!

The Cove is truly like no other hotel. The luxury resort is nestled between Cove and Paradise Beaches, which makes any guest feel as if they are on a private getaway complete with striking white sand, gorgeous blue water and endless amenities. From beautiful French balconies to views of the ocean that will take your breath away, each suite is picturesque. With seven types of suites to choose from, there truly is something for everyone. 

When you aren’t living the lavish life in your room, there is so much to do at this amazing location. Soak up the sun at one of The Cove’s 11 pools or three white-sand beaches, feel the thrill of plunging down one of the hotel’s 18 water slides, or even meet aquatic animals at one of the14 lagoons. 

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We were lucky enough to get to experience the Dip ‘N Discover at Dolphin Cay, where we got the chance to engage with and learn about bottlenose dolphins. Seventeen of the dolphins who call this location home were rescued after their habitat was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Coming face-to-face with these amazing, loving creatures was truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

If you’re looking to book the perfect vacation that’s the ideal mix of relaxing and fun, this is definitely the place to be!


Everything you need to know before you stay at The Cove Atlantis.


Where is Atlantis? 

Atlantis is located on Paradise Island, in The Bahamas, just minutes from Nassau.

How do I get to Atlantis? 

You can get to Atlantis by flying to Nassau International Airport — (NAS), which serves Nassau and Paradise Island. Many key U.S. cities fly direct to Nassau. We also have a marina/yacht harbor on property for the yacht crowd:

How far is Atlantis from the airport?

Atlantis is about 25–30 minutes from the airport.

What is Atlantis known for?

Atlantis, Paradise Island is known for having one of the world's largest open-air marine habitatAquaventure, a 141-acre waterscape, including the iconic Mayan Temple's Leap of Faith slide; 11 incredible pools; five miles of magnificent beaches; a Tom Weiskopf-designed 18-hole, oceanfront golf course; and the Atlantis Casino.

What animals will I see at Atlantis? 

We have one of the world’s largest open-air marine habitats, encompassing a variety of lagoons, eight million gallons of ocean water and more than 50,000 aquatic animals representing over 250 marine species.

How can I swim with the dolphins at Atlantis? 

Dolphin Cay is home to a family of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions who live harmoniously in one of the world’s largest and finest open-air habitats. You’ll meet a full-time team of marine-mammal specialists and veterinarians who look after these complex, personable, extraordinary creatures 365 days a year. And you’ll marvel at the scope and beauty of a 14-acre environment encompassing a lagoon, complete with coves and sandy beaches. Gracing the west side of the Atlantis resort property, Dolphin Cay is simply a must-see destination in its own right: a world-class, state-of-the-art marine habitat dedicated to conservation, rehabilitation, education — and wonder.

Please note – these are educational and inspiring experiences; it is not an entertainment/show facility.

What are some of the restaurant options in Atlantis?

For more than two decades, Atlantis, the lush, oceanside resort on Paradise Island, has made an impression on consumers for its diverse culinary offerings. With over 21 restaurants and 19 bars and lounges ranging from celebrity chef collaborations to fine dining, grab-and-go casual and authentic, traditional fare, the operation has continued to develop new menus and programming for both visitors and residents that truly speaks to the flavors, fresh ingredients and traditions of The Bahamas (part of the resort’s “Bahamas at Heart” evolution).

What are the best beach bar options in Atlantis?

If you are staying at The Cove, Sip Sip’s Bar Area & Beach Deck are very popular. There are outdoor poolside areas featuring cocktails and beverages all around property. We actually have an official bar, called “Beach Bar,” at Atlantis near the beach and the Coral Towers, as well.

What is one of the top experiences at Atlantis? 

The 141-acre waterscape has always been a huge favorite for guests, as well as the Marine Habitats and experiences. It is truly a resort unlike any other. 

For an adventurous traveler, what can I experience in Atlantis? 

The world is your oyster at Atlantis – something for everyone (multi-generational destination). A lot of guests love our Dolphin & Sea Lion Interactions, they love doing the Leap of Faith Slide at Aquaventure (and many of our other slides and river rides). They love Snorkeling the Ruins and they love adventures like the Shark Walk.

If I am looking for some R&R, what can I experience in Atlantis? 

The best part about Atlantis is that is offers an experience for everyone – every personality. We have over five miles of pristine white-sand beaches, so many people love to relax and lounge with a great book. Sacred Space – by Antonius Roberts -renowned Artist in The Bahamas – on The Cove Beach Peninsula is another area that’s relaxing and perfect for meditation and beach yoga. 

What makes Atlantis so special?

Atlantis is a special destination, not only because of our location, with five miles of uninterrupted, virtually private, pristine white sandy beaches, but also because of our five distinct properties, each with its their own identity. 

From the iconic Royal Tower to the Beach Tower and the Coral Tower to our exclusive luxury properties, The Cove and The Reef, Atlantis offers a price point and unique experience for EVERY type of traveler – families, couples, adventure seekers... Atlantis, on our island known as Paradise, is constantly evolving as a brand and over the past year, we embarked on a new chapter we call “Bahamas at Heart.” Bahamas at Heart is our mantra and it represents our meaningful connection with the ocean, the Bahamian culture and the spirit of the resort’s 7,300 employees. By immersing our guests with authentic Bahamian experiences of true art, music, food and culture of our country, we ensure every visit to Atlantis is a journey into the heart and soul of The Bahamas.  It is meant to inspire, and it does.

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