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If you haven’t been to Kangaroo Island in South Australia, you definitely need to add this one-of-a-kind destination to your bucket list. We couldn’t have picked a better location for the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot of 2019. With Camille Kostek, Hailey Clauson, Olivia Culpo, Samantha Hoopes, Myla Dalbesio and Tara Lynn by our sides, this was the trip of a lifetime!

Part of what made this trip so special was staying at LifeTime Private Retreats. This luxury getaway offers five stunning houses and villas: Sky House, Cliff House, Settlers Homestead, Sheoaks, and Beach Retreat. LifeTime also offers private chef catering and specialized dining events to make sure your stay is as delicious as it is relaxing. 

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island and home to some amazing animals including sea lions, wallabies and koalas. We were lucky enough to get the chance to experience the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Aquarium during our trip and we even got to interact with some of the extraordinary creatures. The park is a great place to visit during your stay on the island if you’re looking to cuddle with a koala, like Camille, or workout with a wombat, like Samantha. What makes the park so incredible is that the staff focuses on caring for many animals that were orphaned in the wild. 

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Stunning scenery, adorable animals and memories that will last forever—that’s what will be in store for you when you visit Kangaroo Island!


Everything you need to know before you stay at Lifetime Private Retreats.


Where is LifeTime Private Retreats?
LifeTime Private Retreats is located on Snellings beach, North Coast Road, on Kangaroo Island. 

How do I get to LifeTime Private Retreats? 
Take one of the direct flights from Melbourne or Adelaide to Kingscote on Kangaroo Island. If you want to take your time, we suggest you catch the ferry and hire a car so you can meander your way to LifeTime Private Retreats, sampling the many South Australian food and wilderness delights along the way.

How far is LifeTime Private Retreats from the airport and ferry? 
By kangaroo it can take all day, by car it’s only a 40-minute drive from the airport or 90 minutes by ferry.

Are there any interesting historic notes about LifeTime Private Retreats? 
Nick Hannaford (the owner of LifeTime) is a third-generation descendant of the Holden family – creators of the iconic Holden motor car.

Which types of accommodations are offered at LifeTime Private Retreats? 

Guests can choose from a diverse range of retreats and locations — the cliff-edged Cliff House with rock-star views to the dolphins below, the domed roofed Beach Retreat near the crashing waves, the romantic sky house with views as far as the eyes can see or the Settlers Homestead and Sheoaks nestled amongst the bush and wildlife.

What activities are provided through LifeTime Private Retreats? 

We invite guests to take time out to explore and try new things, relax with family and friends and commune with nature. There is plenty of time to sample the local food and beverage delights from the land, talk to a kangaroo and get back to the things that matter in life.

What are some of the most popular activities booked by hotel guests? 
Guests love to book full or half-day wildlife and marine tours. Tours to swim with dolphins, hold a sea eagle or have lunch with the Koalas are also very popular. Other activities include gin blending, honey tasting, or sand dune surfing – fun for family and kids.   

What is included in my hotel rate at LifeTime Private Retreats?

Our Full Service Dining package rate option includes:
The Enchanted Fig Tree Lunch experience (seasonally dependent, see photo above)
Step into a childhood fairy tale where you dine beneath the boughs and leaves of an ancient fig tree planted by the early settlers. Over the years the gnarled branches have touched the ground to grow again, forming enchanting rooms with ceilings of swaying leaves and dappled light. It is here that a private dining table has been set up for you.

The rate also includes:
Tailored daily dining menu sourced from the sea and land: Your host and chef, Kate Sumner, will source and forage for Kangaroo Island’s best local produce to create a daily dining menu based around your tastes, and what’s in season. Special children’s meals and tastes will be especially catered for.

Welcome canapes on your arrival day (including cocktails if with the beverage package).

Retreat concierge service: Each evening meal is prepared off-site, and served in the privacy of your own retreat. They set the table, serve  and clean up after each meal.

In-house snacks and nonalcoholic beverages.

Self-help ‘Morning Harvest’ breakfast in your retreat for you each day at your convenience.

Daily service cleaning of your retreat and bathroom linen change.

What amenities are included? 
We provide premium bathroom products from leading South Australian cosmetic providers Jurlique and Cocco Maine Beach.

Is there a signature dish at LifeTime Private Retreats? 
Our signature dining experience is The Enchanted Fig Tree or our Shearers Feast Dinner with the Kangaroos (winter option).

Is there a signature drink at LifeTime Private Retreats?

Kangaroo Island produces premium wines and spirits. We hand select the best local beverages from our cellar to suit guests' individual tastes.

What makes LifeTime Private Retreats so special?
Guests enjoy the privacy of individual wilderness accommodation but don’t have to go without all the services if they desire. We are unique in that we have the ability to provide a diverse range of beautiful architect designed houses that have a history and a story to tell … each one set in a stunning wilderness locations. Even in these locations guests still have the option to include all the luxuries, services and dining of a hotel or resort. 

• Every retreat is uniquely different in style, design, size and location giving guests the option to choose a retreat and location that best suits the way they like to spend a holiday or relax. The retreat locations are situated by the beach near the sound of crashing waves, in the bush surrounded by the wilderness, or high on a hill with views as far as you can see.

• As our private retreats are situated in separate locations over 10 hectares, we are able to provide a higher level of privacy and exclusivity – especially important for executive or celebrity guests who want complete privacy and don’t want to see other guests – for this reason we can also welcome small family groups who have children.

• There is no formal restaurant. We specialize in creating private chef catering and immersive outdoor dining experiences by artfully blending local produce, island history and our stunning wilderness locations.

• Unlike standard hotel rooms or suites, our diverse range of small homes, villas and retreats provide a greater indoor and outdoor area and a great sense of space so guests are enticed to relax more in the retreats and better connect with the surroundings.

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