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SI Swimsuit Hosts Empowerment and Photography Workshop

Photographer Kate Powers leads sessions for girls’ school in the Dominican Republic

This past February photographer Kate Powers shot her first-ever SI Swimsuit Issue feature in a shoot that took her to the Dominican Republic. To cap off the trip, Powers, rookie model Anita Marshall and the SI Swim team put together a workshop in Samaná for the girls of the Politécnico Santo Esteban Rivera school. 

Anita Marshall with the school girls of Politécnico Santo Esteban Rivera school

Anita Marshall with the school girls of Politécnico Santo Esteban Rivera school

The sessions explored how to empower women through photography and use media to elevate female voices and perspectives. SI challenged more than 20 high school-aged girls to find beauty in themselves, each other and the world around them.

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Powers is known for her images of strong women throughout the fashion world. When she heard that SI would be highlighting different areas of the Dominican Republic through a video series as well as through her own photography, she suggested that the SI Swim team give back to the community of Samaná for their efforts in facilitating SI’s shoots.

“Our intent was to inspire and engage this incredible group of girls around the power of imagery, identity and photography,.” says Powers. “By the end of the day, there were tears, hugs and long goodbyes -- nobody wanted it to end. We were so inspired by these girls, their confidence, their vulnerability and their willingness to trust us. Honestly it was a day I will never forget and a platform that I hope to continue.” 

Check out the gallery below for a look into SI Swim’s day at Politécnico Santo Esteban Rivera school.