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Kate Bock Seeks Support for Ukraine

The SI Swim model takes to social media to aid volunteer initiatives.
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Kate Bock took to social media on Tuesday to ask for support for Ukranians affected by the ongoing war with Russia. “I wanted to jump on here because I know so many of us are feeling really helpless on how to help Ukraine,” the 2020 SI Swimsuit cover model posted. “There are 43 million people in Ukraine. Jobs have stopped. Grocery stores are running out of food and supplies and cities are being isolated to starve out people. There are people in shelters suffering. There are people that need medications that they can’t get that are people that are trying to be evacuated and they can’t get out. It’s a really, really terrifying situation right now.”

Bock reached out on behalf of friends who are volunteers in Ukraine and Poland and have created a website called

“It’s a really incredible website where you can donate and the money goes directly to volunteers,” explained Bock. “There are three different ways that you can donate: You can choose to adopt a family…You can also choose to sponsor a humanitarian volunteer….[or] You can also choose to support civilian military volunteers.”

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The Ukrainian Alliance is 100 percent volunteer run. Donations can be earmarked to different initiatives and donors will receive a note back explaining exactly what their donation has supported.

“If you can donate $5 from maybe your coffee that you make at home, instead of going to get it at a coffee shop, [or] maybe go on a run instead of a workout and donate that 20 or $30, that would make a big difference,” Bock continued. “If we all just put in a little bit, it can make a big difference. This means the world to me really means the world to my Ukrainian friends and anything you can do to help would be amazing. Thank you.”

Head to @katebock for more information.