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How SI Swimsuit Models Maintain Their Balance

Non-traditional methods have helped some of the brand’s biggest names

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key pillar in the lives of SI Swimsuit models. And while a lot of that boils down to the basics of diet and exercise, many of these wellness-focused women also use less traditional methods to find balance. Everyone from Haley Kalil to Camille Kostek swears by their alternative health practitioners ranging from acupuncturists to naturopathics. Here they reveal who they see and why.

Haley Kalil Sees a Therapist

"I see a therapist, and it is the greatest decision I have ever made, “ says Kalil. “You are not weak for reaching out for help. Life can be really hard, especially right now with the global pandemic. There is nothing stronger than reaching out for help when you need it. It's so nice to converse with someone who listens, loves and understands. She also pushes and challenges me in an attempt to make me the best version of myself. She is a place of safety and comfort for me. I would encourage everyone to see a therapist because they truly can change your life."

Camille Kostek Loves Reiki


"I love reiki -- it's a healing technique used to activate the body's natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being,” explains Kostek. “Moving energy through the body, clearing energy blocks and chakras is so crucial to me. I have learned that trapped emotions can become physical pains in the body and the importance of healing from the inside out. I also love going to reflexology appointments every couple of months to have points in my hands and feet massaged as they correspond to organs and systems of the body. I also have an infrared sauna in my home to help with detoxification and circulation and get deep tissue massages for lymphatic drainage and improving circulation as well."

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Myla Dalbesio Swears by Weekly Psychotherapy

"I go to psychotherapy every week. I don't consider this 'alternative' in any way -- I like to recommend it whenever I can because I think it's super important,” says Dalbesio. “Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and I look at it like going to the gym. If you want to stay healthy, you need to be active and put in the work. The same goes for your psyche."

Kate Bock Has Done it All

"I've been to acupuncturists, mind-body healers and my mom took us to naturopaths as kids,” says Bock. “We kind of grew up with natural healing as much as possible. I'm all about trying any type of healing if it might help me. I loved the documentary Heal made by my friend Kelly Gores. She has different friends with different health issues, seeing all different healers, and watches them all heal in their own way. I find that fascinating and would love to try it all." 

Jasmine Sanders Uses Acupuncture


"I recently started going to acupuncture because my stress levels were so high and were causing me not to be able to eat and sleep at night,” says Sanders. “I'm still learning about it, but it really did make me feel good and helped me sleep. I finally felt relaxed and grounded. I'm continuing to go because I feel as though it's working at the moment."