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Three SI Swimsuit Approved Hairstyles to Try

From beach waves to date night glam, we’ve got your next hair-do covered with master stylist Adam Maclay.

In addition to having impeccable senses of style, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models always seem to have perfectly coiffed hair. Yes, they rock those natural beach waves for photo shoots, but they also stun with sleek date-night and glam red carpet looks. And while many have learned to perfect these styles on their own, models like Lorena, Duran Hailey Clauson and Kate Bock also rely on master hairstylists like Adam Maclay to get glam. That's why we tapped Maclay recently to find out just how to achieve some of these signature looks at home. Here are his top tips.

How to Get Beach Waves

Lorena Duran's tresses for the 2020 SI Swimsuit Issue shoot on Scrub Island in the British Virgin Islands were the epitome of the beach wave hairstyle. "You can take those waves to the beach or your socially distant picnic," says Maclay.

To get the beach wave look, just do the following:

  1. Starting by applying anti-humidity serum and Caviar Style waves texture sea salt spray.
  2. Rough dry the hair with your hands. Using tension at the root, give a tug as you dry the roots for extra lift and volume.
  3. Once dried, use a ¾-inch curling iron as a wand and wrap hair around the barrel, leaving out the ends.
  4. After the hair is texturized, use your one-inch flatiron to "undo" some of the texture so it looks "lived in."
  5. Apply more sea salt spray to the dry textured hair and diffuse with your blow dryer.
  6. Once completed, add a bit of dry texturizing spray and finish with hairspray.
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How to Get a Sleek Date-Night Ponytail


While most of us throw our hair into a ponytail as a backup hairstyle, Kate Bock managed to make the casual look black-tie worthy while on a date with her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love. Even better, it's "the best hairstyle for Day 2 hair," according to Maclay.

To get the sleek ponytail style, follow these steps:

  1. Lightly mist hair all over with hairspray before curling. This helps to hold the curl longer.
  2. Using your one ¼-inch curling iron, add soft bends to the hair alternating the curl direction. Pro tip: Curl the first section away from the face; the next section curl toward the face. Continue around the head, focusing most of the texture towards the back so that the ponytail bounces.
  3. Take a center part and gather hair into a low ponytail, ensuring to leave out pieces around the face. Secure with a bungee.
  4. Wrap a piece of hair around the bungee and secure with a hairpin or two.
  5. Once secured, using a rake comb, gently backcomb or tease the ponytail for extra volume.
  6. If need be, re-bend the pieces around your face to enhance your facial features.
  7. Once the ponytail is in place, finish with dry texture spray and more hairspray. Gently mist a bit of dry oil right before you're finished to get that extra shine.

How to Get a Modern Vintage Glam Look


Though models have a way of making everything look effortless, Maclay admits that achieving Hailey Clauson's vintage look for hosting Extra on SI Swimsuit’s red carpet "can be tedious but is so worth the outcome." There are two approaches to this look, but both begin the same way: you’ll need to apply thickening spray to damp hair and blow-dry it. Then you have two paths you can follow:

The first way to achieve the vintage glam hairstyle:

  1. Use a round brush and blow-dry hair with sections no larger than the brush.
  2. Secure each piece with a Velcro roller.

The second way to get the vintage glam look:

  1. Apply the thickening spray into the hair and rough dry.
  2. Using hot rollers, take sections no larger than the roller and roll hair securely. "I used a classic set pattern to create this look," said Maclay. "That means create a side part, roll the back and sides under/down. Then on top of the head, roll away from the face."
  3. Once rollers have curled or hair has been set in Velcro rollers for 20 mins, remove the rollers.
  4. Using your Mason Pearson brush, begin brushing out the set from the bottom up. When you get to the sides and top, add the texture powder to the roots and tease.
  5. Once set is brushed into the desired look, apply a dry oil spray and brush through once more to add shine.
  6. Finish with hairspray from Kerastase to wear your glam all evening long.