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Pastels are prominent on Harbour Island, a tiny slice of land in the Bahamas. Soft shades are everywhere: on cottages, on clothing—even on the beaches, where the sand is a stunning shade of pink. (For this you can thank foraminifera, single-celled organisms with pinkish shells.) It makes the setting even more amazing—not that it needs help.


Pink Sands Resort, featuring 25 cottages scattered over 20 acres, weds colonial sensibilities with modern amenities, making it the perfect place to stay. (855‑855‑9621, rooms from $540)


You won’t find a better place for dinner than The Landing, where the food is decadent and fresh and the award-winning wine list is extensive. But the most addictive thing served might be on the breakfast menu: ricotta hotcakes. Served with honeycomb butter, they are a fluffy delight.

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Walking along the pink beaches is nice, but why should you do all the work? You’re on vacation, remember? No, the best way to take them in is a ride on horseback; you can rustle up a mount on the beach just south of Pink Sands Resort.


Want to look like an authentic islander? Load up at Dake’s Shoppe, an upscale boutique in a restored historic home selling chic clothes, scarves and jewelry. And if you worry about missing the Bahamas when you’re back home, Dake’s also carries island-inspired original watercolors.


As if you need another reason to visit in the winter: Boxing Day and New Year’s Day mean it’s time for Junkanoo, an early-morning street parade with music, dance and costumes. (There’s also a summer Junkanoo.) No one knows for sure how it got started, but this much is certain: It’s fun.

Hair by Anthony Cristiano for Anthony Cristiano Salon, Chicago. Makeup by Christine Cherbonnier at The Wall Group using Message Organics.