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The 5 Best Sheer Looks from New York Fashion Week

See-through outfits abound on the runway and at parties.

Maybe it’s an unwillingness to part with summer style or maybe it’s for the sex appeal. Whatever it is, New York Fashion Week has been riddled with sheer outfits. From street style to the front row and the runway, see-through and mesh looks have been dominating. Of course, there are tasteful ways of approaching this daring trend. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Here are some of our favorite successful sheer moments from NYFW:

Francesca Aiello


Frankies Bikinis Swimwear designer Francesca Aiello stole the show at the Daily Front Row Awards in this lace catsuit. Aiello and Gigi Hadid were awarded Fashion Collaboration of the Year.

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian wore a Fendi Couture gown and matching bag to the star-studded Fendi show which celebrated 25 years of the brand’s iconic Baguette purse.

Olivia Ponton


Olivia Ponton wears breakthrough designer Brittany Wang to the Bazaar Icons x Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary Gala. This subtle sheer will definitely make you do a double take.

Thassia Naves 


Influencer Thassia Naves attends PatBo where her high waisted skirt lining (underwear? help!) and high neckline bring balance to her sheer ensemble.

Lindsey Vonn 


Lindsey Vonn absolutely nailed it with a vintage Gucci. The natural, pushed-back hair was a great pairing.