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The Natural Way to Balance Out Your Hormones

It's time to take control of our hormones.

Hormone imbalances have become more and more common with today's modern and fast-paced lifestyle. Luckily, there are natural ways to help our hormones function optimally. Instead of putting a Band-Aid on the problem, we want to get to the root cause, which is why it’s so important to start with nutrition and what we are putting inside of our bodies. By making simple shifts in your diet, symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, low libido, weight gain, hair loss, facial hair growth, bloating, irritability and PMS can be eased. 


Here’s a roundup of the best foods to help balance out your hormones. Try adding these foods to next week’s grocery list to support your hormone health and feel your best. 

1. Flaxseed
Reduces excess energy in your body and increases fiber intake. 

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2. Cruciferous Veggies
Supports healthy levels of estrogen to prevent estrogen-related cancers. Try broccoli, cauliflower, kale and brussels sprouts.

3. Wild Salmon
Helps us produce sex hormones, lowers inflammations, boosts testosterone levels, and reduces the risk of certain cancers. 

4. Sauerkraut
Improves gut health which leads to well-balanced hormone levels. 

5. Coconut Oil 
Healthy fats like coconut oil are essential for balancing hormones. 

6. Lentils 
Fiber-packed foods such as lentils, chickpeas, bananas and apples all have a positive impact on estrogen levels. They also keep you feeling full longer and reduce the risk of certain cancers. 


7. Spinach
Iron-rich foods such as spinach aid in the production of thyroid hormones and enhance their function. 

8. Sweet Potato
Rich in Vitamin B6 that aids in liver detox and helps us rid any excess hormones. 

9. Green Tea
Drinking 1-to-3 cups of green tea daily can significantly lower and regulate insulin levels. 

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