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The SI Swimsuit Holiday Gift Guide

Get a headstart on your shopping!

I’m sure you’re working diligently from home, but I suggest taking a quick break from the grind to get ahead on your holiday shopping. As a last-minute shopper myself, I wholeheartedly understand the desire to ignore this November gift guide. But in the spirit of not making 2020 any more stressful, fight the urge and fill your cart.

Start with a plan. Break out a notebook and jot down who you’ll be gifting along with a few things they like. May it be sports, tech, booze or puppies, writing it down will spark ideas while helping you stay organized and on budget.

Party Pleaser:


IMO, gifting alcohol should never be underrated. Here are a few different options for your boozy friend:

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If you care enough to pay for a subscription, try out WSJ wine club. They send a great selection of quality wines (with aesthetically pleasing labels).

Pompette sparkling wine is a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves hard seltzers, right? This is an elevated version that comes in a glass bottle and doesn’t have any of the suspect ingredients you’d find in your gas station 12-pack.

Health and Wellness:

Kristen Louelle recently launched a supplement line, Aventera, and her product Elevate has quickly replaced my second cup of coffee. It’s packed with energizing and gut-healthy ingredients like turmeric, green tea extract and lion’s mane. This is the perfect gift for anyone (or yourself) who needs a little WFH boost!


If your giftee enjoys at-home workouts, you can upgrade their equipment and apparel. For chic workout accessories that are easy for home and travel, try Bala. Pair that with a set from New Balance x STAUD or Gigi C Sport and you will be deemed the fitness fairy.



For your techie, TikTok and blogger friends check out this widget by DJI. It's a stabilizer / tripod that follows you as you move. This will essentially provide them with their own production team. No more boyfriends of Instagram, you’re welcome. If you’re looking for something in the same market but less expensive, try this clip-on ring light for cell phones. They will think about you with each and every perfectly-lit selfie.


Looking for something thoughtful for your hard-to-please friend? Try printing out one of the hundreds (or thousands) of photos on your phone and getting it framed. Skip the expense and time-consuming arts and crafts project and try out a site like KeepSake where all you have to do is submit a photo and pick a frame.