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This New Workout Is Tied to Menstrual Phases

Imagine getting in shape while reducing PMS symptoms.

There is no shortage of fitness classes for women. Barre helps lengthen and tone, spin increases cardio and TRX will increase strength. But a workout designed to sync with your menstrual cycle? That's what P.volve recently launched with its Phase & Function series.

The clinically-backed program was created by P.volve’s team of expert trainers in conjunction with its clinical advisory board. It's uniquely designed to support women's bodies to function as they naturally should and manage classic menstrual symptoms like PMS and PMDD. This is done through dedicated and personalized nutrition and exercise plans based on the four menstrual phases (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, luteal).

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How does it work exactly? Participants input details about their cycles so that P.volve can create a unique routine for each woman that includes meal plans, phase-specific workouts and mindset exercises to match shifting hormone levels. Plus, P.volve's team of experts also conduct live Q&A sessions online to educate users on the process. Access to all class types — including Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn and Recover & Stretch — is part of the program and will help lessen PMS symptoms, reduce weight and improve energy.

"As a team of women, we understand that all bodies are different, and we celebrate those differences throughout our programs and offerings," P.volve co-founder Rachel Katzman says. "Whether your cycle is predictable, irregular or chooses its own path monthly, birth control or not, early days in the world of having a period or on your way out pre-menopause, this program has a multitude of customizations available."

This isn't the first time P.volve has created targeted programming for feminine needs. They already have programs tied to pelvic floor strengthening and pre-and post-natal workouts, among others.

"I am incredibly proud of all that P.volve stands for and our continued evolution in the women's wellness space," says Katzman. "We spent time listening, researching and getting closer with our community than ever before to develop a program we feel provides the resources for women to re-learn and navigate their bodies to optimize their health like never before."