Turks and Caicos


Where did we go?

Turks and Caicos, a slice of heaven located a mere two hours by plane from Miami. There are eight inhabited islands in the country, plus dozens of uninhabited isles and cays.

Why did we go?

The powdery sand and the shallow water that seems to extend forever.

What did we do?

Life on the island is laid-back, but one activity popular with visitors is horseback riding. We enlisted a mare to take part in a shoot with Hannah. The horse was so happy to be swimming that she tried to head into deeper waters, leaving Hannah who was topless and riding without a saddle, hanging on for dear life. She survived—and gave us a memorable photo.

Where did we stay?

The Grace Bay Club on the main island of Providenciales. The hotel sits on a 1,100-foot shoreline, and every suite overlooks the sea.


What did we eat?

All conch, all the time. The little critters were prepared in a variety of ways, none as delicious as when they are fried as fritters. We chased them with drinks at Grace Bay's Infiniti Bar, which at 90 feet is the Caribbean's longest.

What did we bring home?

A locally made hot sauce that will spice up our food—and remind us of the islands. And since we were responsible for emptying so many conch shells, we packed a bunch. It helps that they make beautiful decorations.

SI Staff