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Victoria Paris Has Been a Style Icon Since Elementary School

Social media’s new It Girl redefines fashion and the world of influencers.

Social media is filled with hundreds of thousands of videos featuring perfectly dressed girls running around their cities, curating picture perfect lives for everyone on the other side of the screen to envy. But that’s not how Victoria Paris rolls. Everything you need to know about Victoria you can find on her TikTok, where every day she unapologetically shows her authentic and raw self while singlehandedly redefining what it means to be an influencer. The New York City transplant has amassed over 1 million followers in four short months by posting 30-plus videos a day showing her unique sense of style, workout routines and a real look into the life of a 20-something in New York. No filter, no edit -- what you see is what you get.

Victoria has quickly become the It Girl of social media, and along with her followers -- whom she calls the Victorians -- she is putting brands on the map and setting trends left and right. You know the widely popular Martha Calvo necklaces with the bright beads and smiley faces you see 10 times in a single scroll on Instagram? We have Victoria to thank for that.

The Victorian Era is here and instead of petticoats and bonnets, it’s low-rise jeans and baseball caps. SI Swimsuit caught up with this rising style icon to hear all about her take on fashion, her influence and, most importantly, what she’ll be wearing this summer.

You’ve had incredible success in the last few months on social media and have built quite the community of followers who look to you for fashion inspiration. Has your style evolved as your social presence grew?

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My style inspiration has for sure always been my mom. She would send me to elementary school in a jeans jacket with no top underneath. Full nipples out kinda thing. She would always tell me that my style is funky and I should be proud of it. I don’t think my style has grown -- if anything, it’s changed. I think style and fashion can definitely be innate but you may not have the resources to express it the way you want. Like a painter you’re only as good as your tools and tools can be expensive as f---. Because of social media and p.r. agencies sending me packages, I’ve had access to so many more brands I always dreamed of wearing but could never afford.

How would you describe your sense of style?


Can you give us some insight into any trends you’ll be sporting over the next few months?

All I know that I’ll be wearing this summer is whatever’s clean (lol). The only piece of clothing I don’t leave home without is underwear. I never plan outfits in advance. Inspiration strikes and I get dressed.

We’re longtime fans of Martha Calvo at SI Swimsuit-- we’ve shot her jewelry for years. We’ve been seeing her pieces all over Instagram and TikTok lately, largely -- perhaps even solely -- because of you. What is it like to see so many people buying items because they saw you wearing them?

It’s a weird feeling for sure to know that you can actually control the marketplace in any capacity big or small. When you’re an individual taking a stance because you differ from a brand’s morals or mission, it feels small and insignificant, but it’s not. I try not to think about it too much because having “influence” seems to be synonymous with having an “ego” and that’s the last thing I want.

Do you have a style icon or a place you go for fashion inspiration?

My mom's old pics from when she was my age.

You are very outspoken about the importance of sustainability in fashion. What are some of your favorite sustainable brands?

Wolven makes amazing sustainable bikinis but it seems like with the influx in p.r. packages I receive it’s hard to do my due diligence to know which brands are actually sustainable and which are not. Luckily, Wolven has done a great job with being transparent and working with me.

What is your go-to beach look?

Bikini and big t-shirt or maybe a cute cover up and platform sandals even though they’re impossible to walk in the sand with.

Do you have any advice for someone struggling to find the confidence to take fashion risks?

F--- the noise honestly. Every time I doubted myself or my outfit decision it was because I was listening to other people or was thinking about why other people would think about me.

Lastly, what are your go-to swimwear brands we’ll see you in this summer?

Honestly whoever wants to work with me and morally aligns with my missions. Things in this industry change daily so what I say today could differ tomorrow. Only time will tell.