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All of your traveling worries will be at ease when you fly with Virgin Australia! This award-winning airline will make your trip to the land Down Under a breeze. Virgin Australia exceeds expectations when it comes to all of your comfort, entertainment, and food and beverage needs. One of our favorite perks: the exclusive business-class bar. There was nothing like celebrating the first trip of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 by sipping glasses of prosecco 30,000 feet in the air!  

There’s no need to fear a long flight when you’re on board with this airline. Once you fly with Virgin Australia, your bar for luxury travel will reach new heights.


Everything you need to know before booking a flight on Virgin Australia.


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What's the first thing travelers need to know about Virgin Australia?

Virgin Australia is making air travel stylish, comfortable and affordable without cutting services or corners. We're also known for our mood lighting in all cabins, award-winning in-air service and all-inclusive fares (no baggage fees, no seat assignment fees, free food, free entertainment).

How often does Virgin Australia fly to South Australia? 

Twenty-nine nonstop flights connect our major international airports of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Adelaide, the main airport of South Australia.

When should I look for the best fares from Virgin Australia to Kangaroo Island, South Australia? 

Unfortunately, you cannot fly nonstop to Kangaroo Island on Virgin Australia. Instead, travelers are encouraged to fly into Adelaide to explore South Australia and take the ferry to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide. This is exactly what your favorite SI Swimsuit models did!

Will I need to connect on my Virgin Australia flight to South Australia? 

Travelers will fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. There are 29 connections weekly from these airports to Adelaide.

What are the best tips for booking Virgin Australia flights? 

The best way to book your flights is when combining it with a package from one of Virgin Australia’s preferred wholesalers, such as About Australia. They have access to our lowest fares which are not available to the general public.

What are the best tips for how to survive the 14+ hour flight from New York City to Adelaide (and on to Kangaroo Island, South Australia)?

NYC-LAX- 5.5 hours

LAX-MEL-  13 hours

MEL-ADL- 1.5 hours

Ferry to KI:  1.5 hours from port

Total travel time:  21.5 hours

Recommendations:  When you book your South Australian adventure, you can make the journey more comfortable by arranging stopovers in each city.  Explore the streets of Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane after your Virgin Australia transpacific flight.  Stop in Adelaide to explore the famous foodie heart of Australia at the central market, or take a day trip to the famous wineries in the Barossa Valley.  The best way to book these stops is with a travel provider like About Australia, one of Virgin Australia’s preferred  wholesalers.

What are the best tips for getting off of a long flight and still looking like an SI Swimsuit model?

Pack flight essentials. A small bottle of face wash, a mini deodorant, a travel vial of perfume and tooth brush and toothpaste will go a long way. Just make sure each liquid or semi-liquid item is three ounces or less!

What is provided in the Virgin Australia overnight pack? 

Economy amenity kit: Eye mask, earplugs and a pen. Also on the seat when you first board is a blanket, a pillow and a bottle of water.

Premium economy: Mandarina Duck amenity kit features Australian-made Hunter Lab products (generally lip balm), eye mask, a toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, and a pen.

Business: Mandarina Duck amenity kit features Australian-made Hunter Lab products (generally lip balm, lotion/moisturizer, facewash or other items), eye mask, a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, cotton pads, ear plugs and a pen.

What type of food does Virgin Australia serve to passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne? 

No matter what class you are in, you will be served two full meals and a hearty snack. If you are in premium economy or business class, that means you get celebrity chef Luke Mangan-designed menus and our exclusive wines, designed to be enjoyed in flight. If you are in economy, you will have access to our thoughtfully sourced menus featuring tempting Aussie -inspired dishes.  And no matter where you are, you have access to complimentary adult beverages, including beer, wine and more. Both economy and premium economy have access to our grab and go snack/drink pantries. Business travelers can enjoy snacks and drinks at the bar, exclusive for business travelers.

What makes Virgin Australia so special?

Some travelers think of Australia as a distant land. Virgin Australia’s aim is to make your trip easy, comfortable and enjoyable. We don’t nickel and dime you, but include meals, drinks (even alcohol), checked bags, seat assignments and entertainment. But it’s those little extra touches that really make us a leader in aviation, such as our complimentary snack pantry, mood lighting and award winning friendly service. With the largest seats nonstop from Los Angeles to Australia in both economy and premium economy, you relax, take a snooze and wake up in Australia. And our partnership with Delta provides a seamless connection to all of North America. 

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