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What Kate Bock Eats in a Day

The SI Swimsuit 2020 cover model keeps her meals simple.

Kate Bock loves sharing details of her day-to-day life on Instagram, posting everything from her adorable dog Vestry to how she achieves effortless beach wave hair. The Canadian model and jewelry designer has previously shared with us how she stays fit with at-home workouts. But what does the SI Swimsuit cover star typically eat in a day to power through those hard gym sessions and stay healthy? “I eat pretty consistently,” Bock says. “Especially while we’re mostly at home.” So what’s on the menu?


For breakfast, she looks forward to the same combination every single morning. “I have an oat milk cappuccino, two scrambled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning, and truffle zest,” she says. Bock even recently shared a video explaining exactly how she preps the tried-and-true morning meal and what products she uses. “I love nothing more than my homemade breakfast,” she captioned the video. “It’s clean, healthy and starts my day off right.”


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While the dog mom enjoys the same breakfast every morning, at lunch she changes it up a bit more. The meal is always a big homemade salad, but the ingredients can vary slightly. Her go-to? “Typically greens, grilled chicken, avocado, toasted chickpeas, croutons, blueberries, pine nuts and olive oil,” she reveals.


Yes, you guessed it. Bock also likes to stick with roughly the same thing for dinner each day, too. Again, she has a base and tweaks exact details from there. “I mostly have fish for dinner,” she says. “Usually something easy! I pick up fresh fish and whatever side of veggies I’m excited about and bake them or put them in the air fryer for some crunch.”



Bock shared her favorite late-night treats on Instagram recently as far as snacks go. She’s a fan of Skinny Dipped products because they satisfy her sweet tooth without too much sugar. “The almonds lightly dusted in chocolate have always been my favorite sweet snack, late-night dessert,” she captioned the photo. “But my all-time favorites are their Vegan Dark Chocolate and Super Dark + Sea Salt.”