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Ditch These Excuses Not to Vote

Don’t Be A Non-Voter...Head to the Polls

Time is running out to make your vote count this election season, so SI Swimsuit has teamed up with I Am A Voter to encourage our community to get out there and exercise its constitutional rights. According to The 100 Million Project, here are some reasons why non-voters say they don’t vote. Cross these excuses off your list and get to the polls--we’ll see you there.

  • They don’t feel like their voices get heard or matter
  • They experience registration problems surrounding voter ID laws, criminal records and general difficulties in registration
  • They don’t like the options on the ballot (including the candidates running
  • They believe the government and system to be corrupt
  • Younger and new voters lack knowledge on the voting process
  • They don’t believe voting is an effective way to change society
  • They think their vote doesn’t count
  • They don’t feel educated enough on the candidates, measures or propositions to vote
  • They don’t care or feel too busy
  • Younger votes feel that the issues they care about, like student debt, aren’t addressed by the candidates
  • They forgot to register in time.
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So what can you do right now to prep for Nov. 3? Today, text VOTER to 26797 to make sure you are registered to vote and to receive all important election information.
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