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SI Swimsuit Model Search Contestant Allyn Rose Creates #SelfExamGram

SI Swimsuit Model Search Contestant Allyn Rose creates her own hashtag in hopes of raising preventative breast cancer awareness.

#SISwim model search contestant Allyn Rose went to Instagram to share how breast cancer has impacted her personal life and to raise awareness on preventative breast cancer measures. 

"One month after my 16th birthday, I lost my Mom to breast cancer. A cancer that was able to develop and progress because “life got in the way” of allowing herself time to ‘know her normal’ and be aware when there were changes in her body," she captioned the photo.

"10 years later, at age 26, I underwent a preventive double mastectomy, fulfilling a promise that I made to myself the day I lost my Mom: I would never be a victim of my own negligence." 

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She created the hashtag #SelfExamGram in hopes that Instagram users will join her in this initiative of self examing. "So I ask you to join me and to share your own #SelfExamGram - a reminder to others and a promise to yourself to perform a monthly self breast exam. And you never know... you may save a life - your friend’s or your own." 

Allyn developed a step-by-step tutorial that viewers can follow if they aren't sure where to start or how to perform a proper self exam. 

We're so unbelievably proud of you, Allyn!