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Can you Guess These SI Swimsuit Models’ Favorite Holiday Traditions?

Holiday flip cup tournament? We're here for it.

Although the holidays may have looked a little different over the past year, there’s always an element of tradition that carries through. Lights, trees and presents are all classics, but the unique traditions that each family creates over time are the most special. And for SI Swimsuit models, it’s no different. We were curious to find out what some of these incredible women love most about the festive season. Here’s what they had to say.


Brooks Nader Wears Matching Pajamas

“My favorite holiday tradition is definitely getting together with family, and my mom still makes us wear matching PJs and has us sit on the staircase in order from oldest to youngest.”

Kathy Jacobs Loves Baking

“I miss my baking tradition! I’ve been too busy the past few years, but this year I want to put my mad baking skills to use making some good-looking keto desserts because that’s what I eat, and everyone seems to be interested in what I eat. We usually spend the holidays with my daughter’s boyfriend’s family because they’ve been dating since high school. I also love decorating my home with discount items. I’m kind of obsessed with it for some weird reason. This year I have a Crate and Barrel dupe theme going on.”

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Marquita Pring Heads to Grandmother’s House

“I love going to my Gram’s house for Christmas. Every year we make homemade gnocchi and other delicious things. It doesn’t feel like Christmas if we don’t make it happen.”

Katie Austin Plays Flip Cup

“My family has a tradition of playing flip cup -- the drinking game -- every holiday. I have 40 family members, and we line up red Solo cups and range from ages 8 to 80 (obviously filling up the kids’ cups with water). One year my kindergarten cousin presented 'How to Play Flip Cup' to his class for show and tell. I’m sure we made a great impression with his teacher.”

Katrina Scott Has a Gratitude Book

“Over 40 years ago, before everyone could keep up with each other on social media, my grandfather started a family book where our immediate and extended family would all share what we’re grateful for and what we’ve accomplished in the last year. The book is long now and includes pictures of everyone over the years. My dad continued the tradition, and this year I, of course, am sharing my SI Swimsuit journey.”

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