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Elle Macpherson is dressing up as someone 20 years her junior for Halloween, and every other day

FOOLED YOU—that's no Halloween costume, you silly readers! That is honest-to-God Elle Macpherson at 50. And this is what a 50-year-old Elle had to tell Ray Rogers ofMiami's Ocean Drive magazine:

On the car she drives around her adopted hometown of Miami:

'Do you want the pretentious answer, but it is the truth?' asks the woman with a net worth estimated at $45 million, with a self-deprecating laugh. 'A selection.' A stick-shift Porsche, however, is her go-to for morning school drop-offs for her boys, Flynn, 16, and Cy, 11. But it’s not exactly a family favorite. 'My 11-year-old says it makes him throw up—he can’t read his studies on the way because it’s a very, very sporty car.'

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On that twit pic that sent the social medias into a tongue-wagging frenzy:

I got an email from my business partner asking, 'Can you take a selfie while you’re on holiday, so I can post it?' And I said, "Ugh, I don’t really do selfies.' So I asked my stepdaughter to snap it. I had just gone for a swim when we did it. I just tweeted it and didn’t really even think anything of it. It had a phenomenal response.


On being 50, and not looking it:

Being Australian, I grew up with a holistic perspective on life. When I was a little girl, instead of going to the doctor, I went to the chiropractor or the acupuncturist. As I matured, I adopted a reasonably holistic approach to health and wellness. When you’re young, beauty and youth go hand in hand, but as you age, wellness and beauty go hand in hand

Check out the video below, and then head here for the full story and all the pics.

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