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Emily Ratajkowski does fall just as well as she does summer, thankyouverymuch

"IT'S ACTUALLY really nice because I feel like I'm always cold on photo shoots and today I'm not, I'm bundled up."

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

Ironically enough, the last time we saw Emily Ratajkowski in big cozy layers was also when we saw her wearing the least amount of layers (NSFW, like for real). But, beyond the fact that fall-themed shoots shoot makes my heart tingle with thoughts of cider donuts, it's nice to see the 23-year-old covered up and still looking so damn lovely in her shoot and story for recently-launched Yahoo! Style. (See all the pics here, and catch the BTS video here.)

VIDEO: Emily Ratajkowski's SI Swimsuit 2014 outtakes

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Equally interesting is what we learn about the model as she continues to pursue an acting career (Gone Girl comes out Oct. 3, and Em is currently filming We Are Your Friendswith Zac Efron). Modeling, says Emily, is more embarrassing than acting "because you're hyper self-aware, whereas with acting you're trying not to think about what you're doing." But some things about acting can be embarrassing too, like her bit role in iCarly which turned out to be very much not her thing (link is SFW, but you still don't want to get caught watching it) and she's done auditioning for the bitchy roles, so if you're thinking of sending her that script, don't. She's taken classes in the Stanislavski school of acting, but doesn't follow one method. And if you were worried, she promises she won't be slowing down with the social media anytime soon because she wants to be able to dictate her image. Yeah, girl. (Read the the story here.)

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