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Emily Ratajkowski shares the sexiest bathtub selfie EVER

The moment you start to think that Emily Ratajkowski can't get any sexier, you're terribly, horribly wrong. 

In another attempt to prove her Instagram dominance (or maybe just to show off her unbelievable beauty), Emily shared a selfie for the ages. The "Blurred Lines" video star and two-time SI Swimsuit model stripped down and made our hearts pitter-patter as she took what must be the best bath-time photo in the history of bath-time photos. Who knew a soak in the tub could be so...perfect? 

The month of May was busy for our girl Emily, as she shared the first trailer showcasing her big screen role as Zac Efron's leading lady in We Are Your Friends. The British beauty also starred in the most recent installment of Swim Daily's "Yu (Tsai) and Me" series, serving as the perfect muse in the spectacularly raw photo feature.

One thing's for sure—Emily looks great surrounded by bubbles. A big thanks goes out to the Brits for hosting our girl in such a luxurious environment that ensured this selfie would be a reality. 

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