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Galore magazine is ready to launch their Summer 2014 issue starring TWO of our own


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WE HERE at SI Swimsuit happen to think we put out a pretty good product, and that we bring out the best in our girls. (Of course the degree of beauty we are working with tends to make our jobs, if not easy, than easier.) But if there's one magazine we can always count on to present our girls in a light that's a different kind of foxy entirely, it's Galore, the pop art quarterly started by creative duo Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekatwhich is "a mix of Warhol spirit meets iconic 90's supermodel bombshell."

On Friday Galore's coveted summer issue hits newsstands, but they've been so kind as to give us a sneak peek at the photo shoots they did with two of Swimsuit's very own, which we will be revealing today.

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We spoke with Prince and Jacob, who first paired up in 2009, about their vision for Galore and how they do that thing they do—and how they do it so well. Scroll to read, and see galleries of some of our ladies as re-imagined by Prince and Jacob.

Let's start with some biography—background, education, the interest in fashion, etc.

PRINCE CHENOA: I grew up in Michigan in the 90's and early 2000's during the era of famous bombshells (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen). They were all similar to what I imagined the modeling and fashion world to be. I remember watching the George Michael video Freedom and that’s when I realized I needed to do something cool when I got old enough to move to NYC. I came to New York in 2005 to be the casting director for Complex Magazine and it really got my mind set on working with models.

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GALLERY: Chanel Iman for Galore

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JACOB DEKAT: I came to New York five years ago from Colombia for school and to model for Ford. I had the opportunity to shoot with some of my fave photographers like Steven Meisel and Ellen von Unwerth. It’s what made me even more interested in being behind the lens. When I got my first film camera, Prince and I just started testing it on our beautiful friends who happened to be models. We realized we had the same vision of this bombshell beauty and then we decided to launch the magazine as a way to show of our work to the world and get the chance to shoot things we were really interested in showcasing. We have come a long way from shooting in our one-bedroom [apartment] in the East Village.

So how did Galore come about?

We started Galore because we felt that besides the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, there was no magazine that highlighted sexy bombshells and women with real bodies, they always concentrated on the stick figure alien type. We also wanted to give models a voice. We love what SI does with their interviews and we always try and incorporate an interview with our girls too. We prioritize the interview component to show to our readers that just because these girls are beautiful does not mean they are clueless. In fact, a lot of these girls are going to school or have really interesting stories. So we just wanted to be the magazine for the bombshell model and show her in everything from swimwear to the latest high fashion. One of the things we loved about the 90's Cosmo covers was that they were just so sexy but still targeted women as their market. We like to think of ourselves at Galore as the downtown '90's Cosmo.

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GALLERY: Nina Agdal for Galore

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What about the SI Swimsuit Issue inspired you?

We have been collecting SI Swimsuit issues since we were young and [we] put them on our bedroom walls and lockers at school, all in the hopes of growing up and one having the chance to work with some of these famous beauties and learn to creatively direct and photograph some of the greats who have shot for SI in the past. The way they capture beauty in this bombshell form in some of the wildest locations is truly remarkable. We have been so lucky to work with a lot of the SI girls on past galore issues like legend and supermodel Carol Alt and new cover girl Chrissy Teigen.  Sports Illustrated’s attention to detail and discovering and shooting some of hottest models inspired us to start Galore.  A lot of the women and gay men in fashion don’t like sexy models who are 'too womanly' so it's refreshing to see SI has not changed their profile at all since day one and that editors MJ and Darcie are so on point with discovering new talent. It’s really helped launch so many of these girls’ careers. We hope one day Galore can do the same and that some kid in the Midwest is putting his Galore photos on his wall the way we did with our SI covers centerfolds so many years ago.

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GALLERY: Natasha Barnard for Galore

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What do you look for in a Galore girl, and what does "bombshell" mean to you?

A Galore girl is fearless, sexy, and confident in her own skin. She comes in many shapes, sizes and flavors. There is just a moment where we kind of look at each other in unison and say that’s the one.  Bombshell is a word that is very popular right now and I think to us it describes a woman that literally blows your mind with her beauty, courage and personality.

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VIDEO: Damaris Lewis for Galore

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Describe your dream photo shoot scenario.

Definitely shooting a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover on a remote island with our good friend, bombshell and SI Rookie Gigi Hadid. She rocks!

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GALLERY: Hannah Davis and Chrissy Teigen for Galore


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Other SI Swimsuit models who have shot with Galore:

Lily Aldridge

Carol Alt

Kate Bock

Jessica Gomes

Gigi Hadid

Alyssa Miller

Emily Ratajkowski