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Gigi Hadid is flawless, even when eating cheeseburgers with Jimmy Fallon

Gigi Hadid lives by a motto we can get behind. 

“Eat clean to stay fit. Eat a burger to stay sane.”

Gigi flawlessly executed the catchphrase on The Tonight Show on Monday night when Jimmy Fallon surprised her with her favorite cheeseburger in honor of her recent 21st birthday. Instead of taking tequila shots on set, Gigi and Jimmy cheers-ed their cheeseburgers (presumably toasting to how incredible Gigi looked in her black and white corset top—that’s what we were celebrating).

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Speaking of catchphrase, later in the show Gigi also played the game by the same name with Nationals star Bryce Harper and actor Andy Samberg. She may have lost the game to Jimmy and Bryce, but she definitely won hottest superstar in attendance.

Gigi Hadid salsa dances with a quesadilla—and looks HOT doing it!

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