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Gigi Hadid tells the Daily Front Row she didn't pose nude to provoke you, OK?

Gigi Hadid :: Gilles Bensimon for Daily Front Row

Gigi Hadid :: Giles Bensimon for Daily Front Row

DOES THIS look like a girl you could relate to you? Surprise!Ultra glamorous looks and "sexy yacht dates" with the Biebs aside, Gigi Hadid is cool as hell and her interview for Daily Front Row is your latest proof of that. While the rest of the world gawked at her stripped down photos for VMan (in which she may as well be Botticelli's Venus), the 19-year-old saw it from a strictly artistic and utilitarian point of view that is hard to dispute.

The story behind it was beautiful, actually. They wanted to put me on a train as a metaphor for my journey into adulthood. It wasn't supposed to be provocative or anything. It was just about a natural acceptance of myself. That's how I was thinking about it, anyway. I think a lot of girls are able to relate to me because I'm not two pounds soaking wet. I like that about myself. That shoot was a lot more to me than just taking my clothes off. It was about acceptance. Nudity is so frowned upon these days. If you look at sculptures from hundreds of years ago, everyone's naked. It's not a bad thing. We're all naked at least twice a day.

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And here's what she had to say about being in the spotlight:

I want to be successful, but the negative stuff does get to me sometimes, you know? I consider myself a pretty normal girl, so when people are on the Internet writing stuff about me, I'm like "Hello! There are whales to go save! Go talk about something else!"

See the rest of the images from her shoot with photographer Gilles Bensimon spread below and then click here to read the rest of the story.

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