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A guide to treating Sara Sampaio to the perfect birthday celebration

WE HAVE high standards for our Rookie of the Year and therefore believe that not everyone is apt to court the lovely Sara Sampaio on the occasion of her 23rd birthday, but despite tangled romantic histories with Spanish model River Viiperi and rocker Alexander DeLeon, it would appear that our girl is currently flying solo. So we’ve created a guide for Sara’s suitors on how to treat GQ Portugal’s “Eighth Wonder of the Word” to the perfect birthday celebrations.

When: Her birthday is today so the celebration has already started and continues for as long as she pleases, you’d better catch up fast. Sara partied all weekend and is showing no signs of stopping. Last year she was celebrating days before and well into the following weekend.

Where to find her: The Portugal-native can be found jet setting to Hawaii, Paris, or anywhere in between. She was last spotted in her home-base of New York, but don’t count on her staying there for long. And if you can handle the ego-blow, you might find the flirty model amid a group of statuesque types.

What to get her: Jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry. Recently she was teased on-set in Paris with diamonds on top of diamonds, so you know what is on her mind, don’t disappoint.

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Something she can keep is preferable.

How to celebrate: Think big: For her 22nd last year, she rocked out at a Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert. Take her surfing, not only so she can show off her killer beach bod, but because the girl can actually ride. But she's not opposed to other sports—as long as you don't skimp on the tickets.

If you're lucky, she might show you around to a few of her favorite topless beaches.

Make sure you don’t forget to include the love of her life, her dog Luigi.

She also is a big soccer fan and has some mean volleyball skills that were displayed at the SI Swimsuit Beach Volleyball Tournament earlier this year.

Sara Sampaio volleyball

Overall, leave no stone unturned. This isn’t your average dinner and flowers kind of occasion—we're talking an internationally renowned supermodel here. We’ve given you all the tips we can, its all on you from here on out!

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Sara Sampaio: Get to know the birthday girl!