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A Day in the Life of Hannah Davis


Last week we gave you guys your first chance to exhale with a Swimsuit 2014 sneakpeek from HannahDavis's Jersey Strong shoot. And while that Wednesday was an exciting day for you, it was a hectic one for the lady in question, who was invited to run the gauntlet that was Super Bowl XLVI's Radio Row in Time Square. There, and for the next couple days, she sat down with a number of different radio personalities from New York's Boomer & Carton to Atlanta's Buck & Kincade to Boston's Mut & Merloni to Houston's The Blitz (but, amazingly, she skipped Crazy Ira & the Douche) to talk about the shoot, and offer her game prediction. (The Broncos? Really? Everyone and their moms knew Denver never stood a chance.) To make sure she didn't so much as adjust her scarf without a camera or a mic there to catch it, SwimDaily went for the ride along. Because, as one Internet listener commented: "Eye candy on the radio...someone thought this was a good idea? (I, myself, particularly enjoy the scenes with the Birkin.)

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