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Hannah Ferguson gets the Galore Bombshell treatment and wouldn't ya know it, she actually pulls it off (perm and all)

Hannah Ferguson on set with Galore ::

Hannah Ferguson on set for Galore ::

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IN CASE  we haven't made it abundantly clear, Galore's Summer 2014 "Bombshell" is kind of sort of knocking our slouch socks off. The editors named a whopping three SI Swimsuit 2014 Rookies—Samantha HoopesMarloes Horst and now Hannah Ferguson—to their roster of approved bombshells (not to mention a fourth spread starring a Casting Call favorite of yours, Hailey Clauson). With a long history of SI Swimsuit models gracing their pages (and if you haven't seen our Swimsuit-meets-Galore round-up from last week you are denying yourself a world of joy), we're already daydreaming about what glorious treats they'll serve up next. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and follow the magazine on Instagram, but not before checking out the gallery below.


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