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Who's that girl? Hannah Ferguson is the newest Carl's Jr. babe!

HANNAH FERGUSON is the latest SI Swimsuit model to score a gig with Carl's Jr. Following in the footsteps of Heidi KlumEmily Ratajkowski, Kate UptonKatherine WebbAnastasia Ashleyand Nina Agdal (whose own carnivorous ads you can see here)the small town Texas native is shown diving into the burger chain's new Texas BBQ Thickburger. Could a TV spot be next? 

One can only hope, because I mean . . . 



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And just in case you're not convinced that this sweetly shy blue-eyed honey is as badass as they make her out to be in this ad, here's a little something to the contrary, courtesy of Conn Davis

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Hannah Ferguson gets the Galore Bombshell treatment and wouldn't ya know it, she actually pulls it off (perm and all)