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Hannah Ferguson continues to kill it, and her latest for Galore magazine is no exception

OUR FRIENDS over at Galore never fail to delight, especially when it comes to giving our SI Swim homegirls a year-round platform to bring you the sex-ay. Earlier this summer, we saw Marloes Horst and Samantha Hoopes score covers, plus a perm-tastic spread featuring Hannah Ferguson. This time Hannah is back, and she's slipped into something a little more...scholastic for a feature inspired by those deliciously campy horror flicks of the '80s.

Alas, to our great despair the movie advertised on the mock-poster, Sweet Horror High, is but a fabrication dreamt up only in the name of art. But far as I'm concerned, there's nothing stopping any of you from from taking a stab (pun intended) at a little S.H.H.fanfic. So get on that, and when it's time to cast, allow me to offer two words of advice: 


But I digress. So with that said, heeeeeeere's HANNAH!

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