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Heidi Klum turned 41 on Sunday so let's celebrate, shall we?

Andrew MacPherson/SI (9)

Andrew MacPherson/SI (9)
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HEIDI KLUM turned 41 yesterday and instead of the expected yammering on about how she does not look 41 and "OMG can you believe?!?" it and "WHAAAA NO SHE'S NOT!!!1!!1!" and all that kind of stuff, we are posting this cute clip from the SI Swimsuit TV special that aired around the 1999 SI Swimsuit Issue launch. The video is pretty solid proof that it is, in fact, Heidi who started #wokeuplikethis.

[si_cvp_video id="video_C5F38E82-C682-9E09-7EDD-5E1818071DE3"]