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Did you see Hannah Ferguson and Damaris Lewis working some band tees for GQ? Well, you need to

GQ HAS been killing it lately when it comes to giving our girls a year-round platform. Check out these snaps from the mag's online features on Hannah Ferguson, SI Swimsuit vetDamaris Lewis and, for good measure, 2015 SI Swimsuit hopeful Hailey Clauson



On what she misses the most about Texas since moving to NYC:

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Common courtesy! I'm not offended—I hold doors open for guys all the time. But it's definitely kind of a shocker, because where I'm from, guys always open the door for you, or give up a seat on the subway. If I see a pregnant woman standing there, I'll stand up for her!​

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On on the toughest career decision she's had to make:

When I was 13, they scouted me and I said no. I really didn't like the idea of fame. I was living in the projects in Brooklyn, and a woman on my floor had gotten robbed, you know, frequently. To have money, where I'm from, wasn't really something that you wanted people to know about. I also wanted to be a kid. Already being from New York, you grow up faster, but I didn't want to be burnt out at 18. 

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On dudes who Instagram:

I like guys that don't really post on Instagram, there's got to be a little mystery there. Straight to the point, no messing around, that's what I like. 

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